30th Anniversary Special Drop Of The Air Jordan Retro 7: Sapphire

30th Anniversary Special Drop Of The Air Jordan Retro 7: Sapphire

May 03, 2022

There is something about the Air Jordans that people come back again and again and again for more. No matter how old the silhouettes can be, there is still strong demand for these Air Jordan sneakers for men and women. 

To cater to sneakerhead’s unending demand for these kicks, Air Jordan regularly releases newer silhouettes of these shoes. However, Air Jordan does not release all the silhouettes regularly. One that does not get regular releases and re-releases is the Air Jordan 7.

What makes the Air Jordan 7 so special?

The year was 1992. Michael Jordan was at the height of his success. The legendary sneaker designer, Tinker Hatfield, wanted to design something special. After all, Mike was to wear them at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games (where he and his ‘dream team’, bought home gold).

The result- Tinker did away with the Air unit and the ‘Nike Air’ logo on the heel. Instead, Tinker introduced a new neoprene inner bootie with colorful geometric detailing. He took inspiration from West African tribal Huarache culture.

These shoes had some of the most extreme responses from sneakerheads. Some loved the shoes while others despised them. Upon release, there were 5 original colorways in this Air Jordan 7 collection.  This included the kicks Mike wore during the 1992 Summer Olympic games. Here, Mike’s Olympic number ‘9’ was inscribed against the ‘23’ on the back triangle overlay.

What to expect from this Air Jordan Retro 7 Sapphire drop?

Air Jordan is dropping these Trending Sneakers for men to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 7. Usually, these shoes come with leather panel overlays. This special Air Jordan 7 retro will come with mesh panels along with a speckled midsole and a smoky grey translucent outsole. These shoes will come with a design that is somewhat minimalist along with the latest Huarache technology. This time, Nike and Air Jordan have made this Air Jordan 7 retro a wee bit lighter than before. The colors used pay homage to Nike’s ACG or All Conditions Gear line of shoes by Nike. Perhaps the marketing guys at Nike and Air Jordan want to cross-promote this AJ7 Sapphire with Nike’s ACG range. 

How to buy this limited-edition AJ7 Sapphire?

Most probably, those intending to buy Air Jordan 7 Sapphire may be disappointed with the limited quantities available in the drop. As most are sold out, many sneakerheads tend to buy them from the grey market at highly jacked-up prices.

However, this needn’t be the case. You can buy the latest AJ7s from the best online sneaker store. Here, these kicks are available sometime after the drop. Though many people do not know much about this website, it is one of the most known websites when it comes to getting authentic Air Jordan shoes.

When it comes to spending on your favorite Air Jordans, why spend more than twice the amount on the grey market when you can pay reasonably at the best online sneaker store?

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