Let’s spread the word- Get $15 in points for your efforts!

Let’s spread the word- Get $15 in points for your efforts! - SOLE SERIOUSS

Let’s admit it- finding your favorite shoes on Sole Seriouss was almost like a ‘treasure hunt’. After trying to buy the latest Air Jordan sneakers for men from various sources, many end up paying big bucks to buy from the grey market. Others, like you, come to us, where you have an opportunity to buy the latest kicks for a price that matches reality.

At Sole Seriouss, we aim to help genuine sneakerheads like you buy authentic top-selling sneakers. We understand that this can be quite challenging, considering the limited number of shoes dropped by Nike and Adidas intermittently. We would like to reach out to as many genuine sneaker fans as we could, but this is always a time-consuming and effort-driven process.

How we help sneaker fans

At Sole Seriouss, it has always been our team’s prime motive to get the latest trending sneakers for our esteemed customers. For this, we do a lot to get hold of 100 percent authentic Air Jordans, Yeezys, and others so that you guys can Buy Trending sneakers online even after the official drop.

We do have an elaborate points system to help you guys get an even better deal for your shoes. For instance, we offer 100 points on account creation and an additional 1 point per dollar you spend on Sole Seriouss. Besides this, we also encourage you to follow us on social media with additional points for following or liking us online. For more information, check our Rewards page.

How you can help us spread the word

Though we are doing all we can, we cannot help every sneaker fan get what he wants. For this, we need your help. Spreading the word about Sole Seriouss amongst your social circle would help both of us- as far as you’re concerned, we offer you $15 in points when someone uses your referral to shop on Sole Seriouss for $100 or more.

How does this referral system work?

When you refer someone to Sole Seriouss, not only do you get $15 in points, your friend who you referred us to gets a $15 discount on his purchase. For this, type in your email ID to this link and generate your unique referral URL. You can then share this URL with your friends or family by emailing them the code by typing in their email ID and hitting ‘Share’. 

Alternatively, you can share your unique code via Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

With this unique URL, your friend automatically gets $15 off on his purchase above $100.

You can get additional points in multiples of $15 for as many referrals you generate and those who buy from Sole Seriouss using your unique URL.

In the end

For many sneaker fans who’d love to buy the latest Air Jordans or Yeezys, Sole Seriouss is a great option that lets them buy these shoes much later than the drop at a realistic price. No need to go to the grey market, most sellers overcharge there and there isn’t a guarantee of authenticity from there. 

Things are different at the Best Online Sneaker Store, however. Here, you get whatever you need at a price that matches expectations. Visit Sole Seriouss for more details.

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