6 classic sneakers that should be in any collection

6 classic sneakers that should be in any collection

Dec 30, 2021

The word "sneakerhead" has lost part of its significance in an era where the excitement around a sneaker may frequently increase its worth more than the aesthetic and comfort of the actual shoe. Before everyone was lined up for the next pair of overhyped collaboration shoes, there were a few iconic sneakers that everyone thought were important to their collection. Also today you can buy your favorite pair of sneakers under retail from the best online sneaker store

Sneaker collecting has evolved from a small pastime to a global obsession over the last 25 years. Most youngsters had two or three pairs of footwear when they were younger. Nowadays, both children and adults have them filled in their closets. It's a tendency that spans decades and socioeconomic levels. People who couldn't care less about Air Jordans five years ago are suddenly accumulating them because they're fun—and a little bit addicting. Once you've got one pair, you'll need another. And yet another. (And yet another.) The craze is so much that you can pre-order sneakers online too.

The secret to sneaker collecting is to concentrate on what you love, strike a balance between daily kicks and special occasion sneakers, and then pass on everything else. And, yes, it's easier said than done. Every year, hundreds of new releases are released, making it quite easy to identify, if not acquire, anything that piques your curiosity on a near-weekly basis. But if you follow a few simple general rules, you'll be able to control your worst impulses the next time you want to buy those Off-White x Air Rubber Dunks you'll never, ever wear.

On that topic, we've compiled a Highsnobiety-approved list of 6 iconic sneakers that every sneakerhead should acquire.

Shop the greatest classic sneakers for your outfit in the gallery below.

Adidas Ultraboost

The Adidas Ultraboost has progressed beyond its origins as a tension-friendly indoor football shoe. The Adidas shoe is an emblem widely adopted by subgenres all over the world, from bike riders to soccer hooligans. The upper has been remade using vegan leather and repurposed materials by the Three Stripes brand. All of this rests securely atop the durable and eye-catching gum sole.

Air Jordan 1

Before the Air Jordan 1 debuted in 1985 for $65, there were lots of successful sneakers, but none revolutionized the league quite like these. Michael Jordan made them popular because of who he was on and off the court, and we all decided to wear whatever Mike was wearing. Remarkably, the Air Jordan 1 is indeed enormously popular 35 years later—in part because of the folklore around it, but largely because it goes with everything. And the Air Jordan 1s are the most adaptable Jordan shoes of all time since you can wear them with jeans, trousers, cargo pants, slacks, jorts, runners, a suit, or any other pant choice you can think of. I love the original hues, but they aren't inexpensive. Also, if you're thinking about getting a pair, opt for the highs rather than the mids.

Reebok Trinity

The Trinity Premier Energy is another famous tennis shoe that dominated the shoe industry. The shoe's features and minimalist visual appeal quickly drew fans off from the court, and it quickly became a leisure staple. It's all orange flashes of color gives the sneaker a timeless vibe and enables it to be easily coupled with a variety of outfits. This simple design has allowed the shoe to maintain its appeal throughout the decades and managed to attract new lovers.

Puma Basketball Sneakers

What began as a basketball sneaker evolved into a fashionable icon of the late 1960s and early 1970s protests against racism and inequality. When Tommie Smith performed his Black Power salute atop the podium during the 1968 Summer Olympics, the Puma basketball sneakers took off. While wearing the Sneakers, he removed the sneaker shortly before walking onto the podium to focus all emphasis on the protest itself.

Hip-hop musicians, B-Boys, hip-hoppers, rockers, and other subculture figures have all worn sneakers over the years. The shoe is still appreciated today for its craftsmanship, all-suede sneakers, and lengthy history.

Trail Runner

It comes as no surprise that each year, we've all spent a little more time outside than normal. Whether you're hiking upstate or going for a run off the usual road, having a nice trail runner or sneaker boot in your rotation is always a smart idea. The best thing about trail shoes is that they're generally completely waterproof and adaptable enough to dress in the city on wet or snowy days, so there hasn't been a greater opportunity to invest in a pair. Now what we need is more and more of these trail-ready styles from the '90s from Adidas and Nike. 

Nike Air Force 1

If Nike sells 30 pairs of shoes per second, you can know that a substantial portion of them are Nike Air Force 1. The world's most recognized basketball shoe had its launch in 1982 as a high-top shoe inspired by the Nike Approach hiking boot. But it was the first basketball sneaker to have Nike's Air cushion, which made it groundbreaking.

The brilliant design and concept by Bruce Kilgore quickly became popular among basketball players such as Moses Malone and Jamal Wilkes, but it was the 1983 low-cut version that moved the shoes off the court and into the streets. It quickly became popular on the radio, including in songs by rappers such as Nelly & Jay-Z. You can buy sneakers online. 

The AF1 is now available in the best online sneaker stores in a variety of colors and designs, but nothing matches the basic all-white, low-cut pair.

That concludes our list of the 6 iconic sneakers for any shoe collection. While you do not need every shoe on this list, there is a range of designs and brands that can be included in any collection, depending on the style.

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