6 Most Popular Air Jordan Models

6 Most Popular Air Jordan Models

Jan 18, 2022

Ever since its launch in 1985, Nike’s Air Jordan sub-brand has seen massive popularity. Created for the basketball great Michael Jordan, every budding basketball player dreams of owning a pair. Created by renowned sneaker designers Tinker Hatfield, Peter Moore, and Bruce Kilgore, Air Jordan’s are more than just a sports shoe; they are an appreciative asset akin to gold.

No other sneakers have got such a cult following as the Air Jordans. Those who choose to buy Air Jordan sneakers may go to extreme lengths to get to them. Today, there are 35 Air Jordan model shoes available, not counting the countless collaborations, limited edition shoes and retro Jordan kicks that Nike launches from time to time.

Even though fashion trends come and go, the demand for Air Jordan sneakers for men has always remained consistent. So much so, the demand for the inaugural Air Jordan 1 is still quite strong.

6 Air Jordan models that people rushed to buy

Air Jordan 1

The first Air Jordan shoe was worn by Michael Jordan, these shoes are the only ones that come with the Nike Swoosh symbol. The NBA had this rule where players couldn’t wear black shoes. Mike broke the rules and got Nike to pay the $5,000 fine to wear these sneakers for the match.

Since then, these shoes have remained popular till date and are still available in various colors and silhouettes.

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Air Jordan 3

Though the Air Jordan 1 became pretty popular amongst sneakerheads, the Air Jordan 3, too was quite popular as the first Air Jordan sneakers that Tinker Hatfield designed. The design was pretty futuristic for that time, with a black and white upper and some elephant print panels to complete the look.

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Air Jordan 4

The first Air Jordan’s sold internationally, these were the kicks Mike wore when he made ‘The Shot’, a series game-winner during the 1989 NBA tournament between the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. These iconic shoes are still available in many colorways and silhouettes.

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Air Jordan 7

These Latest Air Jordan sneakers of the time came with huarache technology which gave a better fit and comfort to the wearer. Sneakerheads remember these shoes for its highly successful marketing campaign, which featured Mike with Bugs Bunny. Nike also released a limited edition colorway for the 1992 Summer Olympics with Mike’s jersey number 9, instead of the 23 most Air Jordan’s usually had.

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Air Jordan 11

Michael Jordan had retired from basketball when these sneakers were launched in 1995. These shoes came with revolutionary technology that makes them more durable and lightweight than previous shoes. Made with revolutionary patent leather, Mike sported these shoes for the 1996 animated movie Space Jam. They got so popular, many sneaker enthusiasts nicknamed them ‘Space Jams’.

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Air Jordan 12

These are the shoes that Michael Jordan wore when he came out of retirement and was sick with the flu. Though he was unwell, he managed to score 38 points and gave the Chicago Bulls a well-deserved victory. These shoes were one of the first to come with ribbed quilted panels on the upper, inspired by Japan’s rising sun flag. The quilted panels are made from pebbled patent leather, a new design in those days. 

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Wrap Up

Air Jordan has been the most successful brand of shoes in the global market. So much so, many new silhouettes can only be purchased with your pre-order sneakers. Getting such sneakers under retail is next to impossible, as most of these sell out minutes of them being launched online.

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