9 Things Your Sony Ps5 Could Do Besides Gaming

9 Things Your Sony Ps5 Could Do Besides Gaming

Jan 12, 2022

Now that you have chosen to buy Sony PlayStation 5 online, it is time to use it to its fullest potential. Though you have a fair idea of what all your PS5 could do, there are some features that many people aren’t aware of. These features complement your gaming experience in the best way possible.

Mostly Unknown features of the Sony PlayStation 5

1. Share play and share screen

Launched with the PlayStation 4, you can share your screen or game with others over the internet. The PlayStation 4 allowed you to share your screen with only one person; the PlayStation 5 lets you do this with 99 people. What’s more, your friend can even take control of the game or play with you online with this feature.

2. Share your console

On the PS5, you can have multiple accounts and share your games and media with other accounts. However, this is only possible on one console at a time. You can easily enable and disable this feature as and when you need it. Furthermore, you can deactivate this feature whenever you need to on the Device Management page on the PlayStation website.

3. Play PS5 games remotely on PS4

Though most of us know that we can play PlayStation 4 and 5 games on a mobile device or computer, Sony expanded this feature which allows you to play and stream PS5 games on the PS4. With this, you have another reason not to give away your old PlayStation 4 console.

4. Activities and games help

This feature gives you an overview of everything you need to do in the game. This could be completing quests or levels and the estimated time you will need to make this happen. With the activity feature, you know how much time you’ll need to complete a certain level or quest. In fact, you can directly go to the level or quest from this feature itself. You can access this with the Control Center through the PS button.

5. Mute game audio

Though you can mute the game’s audio with your TV’s remote, the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controllers allow you to mute the game audio by long-pressing the microphone button. This is a great feature whenever you have to mute for a phone call, in-person conversation or if the TV remote is out of reach.

6. Remap controller buttons

You can customize and remap the buttons on your DualSense controller for better accessibility. This is particularly useful for those who aren’t able to hold down two buttons together or if you would use one button more frequently than the other. What’s more, the PS5 also allows you to adjust the DualSense controllers’ vibration, haptic trigger effects, and even the delay time whenever you need to hold down a button for a special command.

7. Chat transcription

Don’t have the time to type? No problem. The PlayStation 5 allows you to convert voice into text or vice versa. This is particularly helpful when you do not have a headphone or audio device to speak into. This Chat transcription feature allows you to say anything that will convert into text or audio as required. You can unlock this feature in Settings.

8. Region-free gaming

With the PlayStation 5, you can use your console to play games from any country in any language. This gives you countless possibilities when it comes to playing games from across the world. Some games are not released outside of a country; you can now play these games easily with the region-free gaming feature of the PlayStation 5.

9. Game preset settings

Instead of changing the settings every time you play a new game, the PlayStation 5 allows you to preset settings for every game. This not only saves time but also allows you to choose from subtitles, inverted axis controls, and volume settings for an immersive gaming experience.

Sum Up

The Sony PlayStation 5 is amongst the best gaming consoles out there. It comes power-packed with features that enhance your gaming experience. Unfortunately, this gaming console is hard to get by in the market.

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