Air Jordan 1 Heritage: A timeless classic

Air Jordan 1 Heritage: A timeless classic

Jun 13, 2022

The Air Jordan range of sneakers has left an indelible mark on the history of sneakers. Even though the first Air Jordan was released way back in 1985, they are still some of the most sought-after kicks out there. Endorsed by the greatest basketball player of the NBA, Air Jordans have, over the years, become the most recognizable new arrival sneakers out there, due to the various colorways that are released from time to time.

How the Air Jordan 1 became massively popular to this day

The Air Jordan 1 owes most of its success to Michael Jordan’s popularity amongst basketball fans. Nike took a big gamble when it signed Mike to endorse a co-branded shoe in 1984. Back then, Mike was a rookie basketball player who showed great potential.

Mike was initially hesitant to sign up with Nike, but his parents convinced him otherwise. The rest, they say, is history. However, this wouldn’t be possible without the creative genius of Peter Moore and Tinker Hatfield, both of whom are credited with designing these Air Jordan sneakers for men that literally flew off the shelves.

Throughout the years, Nike has cleverly used classic silhouettes like the Air Jordan 1 to come up with colorways that interest sneakerheads. Do you think anyone would buy Air Jordan shoes just the way they were without releasing any colorways? After a point of time, no one would have bought the same shoes with the same design and colors.

Contradicting this, there are still people who’d buy Air Jordan 1 Heritage today. This is because the Air Jordan 1 is still relevant today, not just as a basketball shoe but as a trendy fashion accessory. For many fashion-conscious young people, having a pair of these kicks is a matter of pride, it is an asset that they cherish. 

Besides this, the Air Jordan 1 has also been used as a skateboarding shoe. Considering the popularity of the Nike Air Jordan 1, Nike even launched a modified version of the shoe for skateboarding.  

Nevertheless, Nike has released thousands of colorways of each Air Jordan silhouette. As far as classic versions are concerned, Nike drops classic silhouettes of various Air Jordan’s intermittently. This is the fifth time Nike has released a classic version of the Air Jordan 1, previously they had released these shoes in 2013, 2015, 1994, and 1988.

How to buy the Air Jordan 1 Heritage?

Considering the immense demand for these retro shoes, the chances of you getting these kicks from the official sources are quite slim. Most of the shoes tend to sell out within minutes of their official online drop.

When this happens, sneaker fans tend to hunt for their shoes on the grey market. Here, resellers sell the same shoes for more than twice the price, sometimes the prices go up to ten times the official selling price.

However, there is a way you can get these shoes at a realistic price. Just log in to the best online sneaker store and register for the sale. Here, you have a much better chance of getting shoes like the Air Jordan 1 in the size you want. What’s more, you can even purchase these shoes in installments if you’re short of cash. With these many facilities, we’re sure you’ll get whatever you want!

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