Air Jordan 1 Mid “Cement Grey”: An unusual colorway

Air Jordan 1 Mid “Cement Grey”: An unusual colorway

Jan 05, 2023

Besides its inherent popularity, what makes the Air Jordans so special? Some would say the unique colorways available, while others would vouch for its rarity. Well, it’s a mix of the two. Nike makes sure the Air Jordan retains its popularity with newer limited edition colorways and collaborations for these Air Jordan sneakers for men and women. 

This time, Air Jordan has come up with an interesting take on the Air Jordan 1, a design with contrasting colors that are sure to steal the limelight.

What to expect from the Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Cement Grey’?

This colorway comes with a black-based upper with cement grey overlays. The midsole is white while the sole is in the same cement grey color. These Latest Air Jordan sneakers get a nice contrast with a white swoosh at the sides. At the ankles, we have the Air Jordan emblems in white while the insoles come in black with the Jumpman logo.

How to style this Air Jordan 1 colorway?

The special part of owning a pair of Air Jordans is that you can sport one with any outfit, irrespective of the color or design of these trending sneakers online. Even if you have Air Jordans in unconventional colors like pink, blue, red, or radium green, these shoes will always bask in the limelight wherever you go.

It is this benefit of the Air Jordan that makes it so popular amongst sneakerheads. This Cement Grey Air Jordan 1 colorway is no exception. You could style these shoes with any pair of jeans, pants, chinos, or even shorts. Its black and grey color would make you stand out.

When and where can you buy these kicks?

These shoes launched recently on January 3, 2023. Currently, they are available on Nike’s official website and in a select few retailers. But not for long. You could get the size that fits you, but these shoes generally sell out extremely quickly. Even if you participate in the raffle at a select few retailers, there is a slim chance you could get what you’d want.

Those who don’t then look at the grey market. Here, opportunist people buy the shoes from official channels and sell them on the grey market at more than twice the original price. Sometimes, the prices could go up to 6 digits! 

Air Jordan 1 Mid Cement Grey

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