Air Jordan 11 Women Midnight Navy What makes this one special

Air Jordan 11 Women Midnight Navy: What makes this one special?

Nov 04, 2022

It is widely publicized as Michael Jordan’s favorite shoe. The Air Jordan 11 was indeed special for Michael Jordan. When given the prototype, Mike loved it so much that he wore the same shoes for a whole season. The Air Jordan 11 was the first shoe Mike wore after his comeback to the basketball courts after his short stint playing baseball.

What makes the Air Jordan 11 special?

Many critics have called the Air Jordan 11s a ‘black sheep’ amongst all Air Jordan versions, yet it is one of the most trending sneakers for Women. Why is this so? Mainly because the Air Jordan 11 has a non-traditional look with its shiny, wraparound patent leather upper. Some critics even call these top-selling sneakers garish and offbeat, yet it is more popular than other Air Jordans including AJ1, 3, 4, or 5.

However, this unconventional look wasn’t the only reason the Air Jordan 11s became a roaring success. Sneaker fans were captivated by this never-seen-before design and Mike’s popularity also played a great role in making the Air Jordan 11 super special.

When these shoes were finally launched in 1995, demand was so high that it became almost impossible for any sneaker fan to buy these shoes. Initially launched with the black and white ‘Concord’ colorway, these shoes eventually came in various colorways like the ‘Cool Grey’, ‘Bred’, ‘Gamma Blue’, and many others.

Despite their popularity, these shoes were only designed for use on the Court by men. It was only recently that Air Jordan came up with exclusive women’s and kids’ sized Air Jordan 11 Collections and colorways. We now have a colorway that female sneakerheads are keenly awaiting.

Air Jordan 11 Women’s Midnight Navy: Everything you need to know

These shoes come in a tonal navy hue with a mesh-based upper. Across the lower side of the upper, we have the blue velvety material instead of the regular patent leather. The Midsole is white with a semi-translucent navy blue outsole. The Jumpman logo is at the ankle in silver along with the number ‘23’ at the rear. These shoes are scheduled to be dropped on November 11, 2022. Those intending to Buy Air Jordan 11 Women's Midnight Navy can do so online or at select retailers.

How to buy the Air Jordan 11 Women’s Midnight Navy shoe?

Considering the immense hype over these kicks, copping a pair can be quite challenging. All across the world sneaker fans are gearing up to participate in the drop. While those who could try to buy from the retail stores, those looking to buy online are waiting with bated breath for the 11th. 

However, getting these shoes online is the best bet, even though some people turn to unfair means like using an automated bot to buy themselves a pair.

Air Jordan 11 Women Midnight Navy

If you want a real chance at getting these shoes, you could get them at the best online sneaker store. Here, you can register for the sale and even buy these shoes a few days after the official drop. What’s more, you could also buy these shoes and pay later in installments. I doubt there is any other chance you’ll get at copping 100 percent genuine shoes from Air Jordan outside of their website.
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