Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue: An Underrated Silhouette

Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue: An Underrated Silhouette

May 14, 2022

Many sneakerheads consider the Air Jordan 13 as an underrated silhouette. Maybe as it was the last Michael Jordan wore in his matches with the Chicago Bulls or because of its design, these Air Jordan sneakers for men have been popular later on nevertheless.

Subsequent re-releases and colorways have seen a lot of hype and strong sales of the Air Jordan 13. Even though the Air Jordan 13 was initially underrated, the fact that Mike wore them on the Court with Chicago Bulls helped them get cult status.

When launched, the Air Jordan 13 was a step ahead of its time. It came with a unique design not seen in any Trending sneakers for men. Perhaps it would not gain that level of eventual popularity had Michael Jordan not worn them for his matches.

What to expect from the Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue?

Though first released in October 2021, these shoes are being re-released due to public demand. Many sneakerheads feel these shoes pay homage to the OG flints, as their construction is somewhat similar to the Air Jordan 13 Brave blue.

With a black base, these shoes' main USP is the deep blue side panels along with contrasting white overlays. It comes with a blue Jumpman logo on the tongue and a unique sole design.

Beware of fake Air Jordan 13s

Unfortunately, considering the immense popularity of colorways of shoes like the Air Jordan 13, many unscrupulous people come up with imitations of these iconic shoes. No matter how much they try, it is practically impossible for them to match the quality of the genuine Air Jordan 13s.

However, many novices are fooled by the hard-to-believe prices online for these shoes. When they’re delivered, they then realize what mistake they’ve made. If you are looking to buy genuine Air Jordan 13s, it makes sense to do a little research and buy them from the right sources.

Generally, you could buy these from the official sources, but if they aren’t available there, you could choose to buy from the best online sneaker store.

How to get hold of the Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue?

If you can Buy Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue in a size you want, this is nothing short of an achievement. As is with other Air Jordan and Nike shoes, the Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue is expected to sell out immediately after the drop. This is, in part, due to the use of automated bots by opportunistic buyers who intend to eventually sell them on the grey market for a large premium.

However, you can still get original shoes at a price that reflects reality. At this best online sneaker store, you could register for the drop and buy 100 percent authentic Air Jordans like the Air Jordan 13 Brave Blue for yourself. If you are short of cash, they even allow you to pay in installments. What can be more convenient than this?

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