Air Jordan 2 Retro 'Lucky Green': Why you should cop this upcoming release

Air Jordan 2 Retro 'Lucky Green': Why you should cop this upcoming release

Jan 19, 2023
  • Brand: Air Jordan
  • Model: Air Jordan 2 Retro 
  • Nickname: 'Lucky Green'
  • Colorway: White / Lucky Green - Sail - Light Steel Grey
  • SKU: DR8884-103
  • Release Date: 02/03/2023

The Air Jordan 2 has been somewhat of an underrated silhouette. Many people can recognize the Air Jordan 1 and other popular silhouettes from afar, but this Air Jordan silhouette hasn’t had that much popularity. Nevertheless, these remain to be top-selling sneakers online which many sneakerheads routinely go ahead and collect from Air Jordan’s regular drops.

Inspiration for the Air Jordan 2 Retro ‘Lucky Green’

This is not the first time Air Jordan has released silhouettes with the Lucky Green color. Before this Air Jordan 2 Retro colorway, the folks at Air Jordan released iterations of the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 13 with this color. This has got Air Jordan a lot of praise online, with many commenting how this fresh color looked great on them, both for men, women, and kids. 

Air Jordan has used this color quite sparingly in the Air Jordan sneakers for men and women it released previously. For instance, the AJ 13 has an overwhelmingly white upper with a Lucky Green overlay at the midsole and the ankle, giving the shoes a nice contrast. With the Air Jordan 1 Low and High OG, they’ve done the same, using this color on select overlays on an overwhelmingly white upper.

What to expect from the Air Jordan 2 Retro ‘Lucky Green’

With the Air Jordan 2, the designers there have reduced the presence of this color even further. Despite this, the various white overlays and other design cues make this Air Jordan 2 Retro colorway a great buy. Here, the designers at Air Jordan have retained an overwhelmingly white upper, with a Lucky Green overlay at the rear along with green and black linings across the reptile-textured overlays in the front and the linings and Air Jordan logo on the shoe tongue.

Why buy the Air Jordan 2 Retro ‘Lucky Green’

It would be a great option to Buy Air Jordan 2 Retro ‘Lucky Green’ shoes if you’ve got any of the previous Lucky Green colorways of the Air Jordan silhouettes like the AJ1 or AJ 13. Besides, this limited edition pair of shoes would be a great addition to your collection, as it comes with a unique design that may not be replicated later on. Moreover, this time Air Jordan is releasing these kicks in all sizes- from US Men’s Sizes, US Youth Sizes(GS), and even US Toddler Sizes (TD). This would be ideal if you’d want to match your clothes with your family for any social event.

Where to buy unique Air Jordan colorways like this

These unique Air Jordan 2 silhouettes are poised to launch on February 3, 2022, online and at select retailers. As is with all Air Jordan silhouettes, only a limited number of shoes are going to be dropped. Taking advantage of the high demand and low supply, many opportunists have always gamed the system, 

bought the stock in big quantities, and eventually reselling them on the grey market for multiple times their price.

Genuine sneakerheads need not worry though- you could still cop these shoes at a price that matches reality. You could buy your shoes at the best online sneaker store where these shoes are available at a realistic price even after the drop. Further, you could even buy now and pay later via various services if you’re short of funds. What else do you need?
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