Air Jordan 3 Neapolitan: Has Nike run out of ideas for colorways?

Air Jordan 3 Neapolitan: Has Nike run out of ideas for colorways?

Jun 08, 2022

When we talk about collaborations or colorway inspirations, Nike usually looks towards celebrity designers, brands, or even events to bring us something unique. Sometimes, Nike comes up with inspiration from unconventional sources for its unique colorways. This time, to add to the Air Jordan 3 collection, they have come up with a colorway inspired by Neapolitan Ice Cream!

What does this Air Jordan 3 Neapolitan colorway look like?

Thankfully, the Air Jordan 3 Neapolitan does not look outrageously gaudy or funny. The color combination of ‘Dark Mocha’ brown, pink, and white gives a decent look. The predominantly white Upper has patches of elephant print brown and pink at the midsole as per the design format of the Air Jordan 3. The sole is brown and white, with the same design cues from the Air Jordan 3.

Why did Nike design a colorway based on an ice cream flavor?

That’s a good question. Many would say Nike has run out of ideas- maybe they wanted to broaden the scope of their inspiration, I guess. Though these shoes are thankfully not over the top, they signal a change in Nike’s quest to design colorways not only by other brands or famous designers but also everyday things that matter to all of us. With Nike already having more than a thousand colorways released, it seems they want to launch Air Jordan sneakers for women in designs that many may not think of.

For the uninitiated, the Neapolitan ice cream is a combination of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream introduced to the US by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century. This ice cream has become a household name across the US and the world. 

Though the AJ3 Neapolitan doesn’t look bizarre, Nike and other brands have designed colorways with various brands and entities that do not have anything in common with Nike. Examples include colorways inspired by cartoon characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, and Star Wars. Just like the AJ 3 Neapolitan, these cartoon-character-inspired colorways would not get you curious stares. Perhaps the weirdest colorway released by Nike would be the Nike SB Dunk Grateful Dead Collection. Here, Nike has used faux fur and colors like green, yellow, and orange for its uppers. Despite the unconventional nature of these colorways, the Nike SB Dunk Grateful Dead has sold for a huge premium on the sneaker grey market.

How to lay your hands on the AJ3 Neapolitan?

Well, those who want to Buy Air Jordan 3 Neapolitan can do so from the official drop by Nike on May 13th,2022. Usually, those who have got late for this tend to look towards the sneaker grey market. Here, the same limited edition colorways are sold for a premium over and above the official price.

However, you needn’t spend through your nose for this. With the Best Online sneaker store, you can buy colorways like the AJ3 Neapolitan for a price that reflects reality. Do register on the site for your purchase now before stocks run out!

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