Air Jordan 4 Violet Ore: A designer colorway symbolizing inclusiveness

Air Jordan 4 Violet Ore: A designer colorway symbolizing inclusiveness

Nov 18, 2022

As every Air Jordan silhouette is a blank canvas, Air Jordan tends to give its collaborators multiple chances to come up with newer designs for many Air Jordan silhouettes. In other words, the collaborators use their creativity to create newer colorways and iterations that give sneakerheads other reasons to buy Air Jordan sneakers online.

This time, Air Jordan is giving sneakerheads a chance to buy a newer silhouette of the Air Jordan 4 collections by re-collaborating with famed designer James Whitner.

What you should know about ‘A Ma Maniere’

A Ma Maniere is an apparel boutique owned by James Whitner. Meaning ‘My Way’ in French, this boutique showcases fashion common in local culture, yet expresses this fashion in a whole new dimension.

James Whitner, through his A Ma Maniere boutique, has earlier designed colorways for iconic Air Jordan silhouettes like the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 2, and Air Jordan 3.

In the fashion realm, James is known to encourage creativity and newer design styles amongst his team and other budding fashion designers he mentors. James stands out as he is one of the few black fashion designers in the US, in a market dominated by Caucasian and Asian fashion designers. It is perhaps this very reason Air Jordan wants to show its inclusiveness towards design, by collaborating repeatedly with designers like James Whitner so that all kinds of fashion designers have a chance to express their craft.

All about the latest Air Jordan 4 A MA Maniere Violet Ore

These kicks are scheduled to drop on November 23, 2022. Its upper would come in a burgundy color with classic Air Jordan 4 overlays. These include overlays in muslin and mesh material as well. Besides, the outsole would come in white and black while the soles are in the characteristic Air Jordan 4 design.

What sets this pair apart is the special tongue flap at the rear, where the words ‘It’s not about the shoes’ on the left shoe and ‘it’s about where you’re going' on the right make a great impression. 

How to cop a pair of these incredible kicks?

Many sneaker fans are waiting with bated breath to buy Air Jordan 4 Retro x A Ma Maniere ‘Violet Ore’. When they drop later this month, these trending sneakers for men are almost sure to sell out within minutes. Many true sneakerheads know this and are forced to turn to the black market to buy their shoes.

Air Jordan 4 A MA Maniere Violet Ore

Reselling genuine Air Jordans is a big challenge faced by Nike. The limited number of shoes they release allows these resellers to earn a quick buck. This also encourages counterfeiters to sell their wares on the grey market alongside original Air Jordans, a recurring problem that doesn’t seem to go.

Many genuine sneaker fans who cannot make it to the limited retail releases have no option but to buy online from the grey market. Those who get cheated find it very difficult to regain their money. However, this does not mean you cannot get your favorite genuine Air Jordan online. At the best online sneaker store, you can buy these kicks at a price that matches reality, with the guarantee that you’ll get the original stuff. What else do you need?

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