Air Jordan 5 Easter ‘Regal Pink’: A colorway fit for Easter

Air Jordan 5 Easter ‘Regal Pink’: A colorway fit for Easter

Jun 10, 2022

How did you celebrate Easter? We’re sure it went well. After all, festivals like these help cheer us up during these difficult times. Almost every year, Air Jordan comes up with new colorways to celebrate the spirit of Easter. They give you another reason to shop for Air Jordan sneakers for women that you’ll love, that you can gift your loved ones so that they will remember you forever.

Though Air Jordan did release Easter-specific colorways, this time, it has launched another colorway that celebrates Easter, although it is a little late for the same. In continuance with the spirit of Easter, Air Jordan has launched a limited-edition colorway that’ll surely be your most prized sneaker.

What’s so special about the Air Jordan 5 Easter Regal Pink?

These kicks are poised to be one of the most unusual drops. Usually, Nike releases colorways that are unisex or designed for men. This Easter-themed colorway has the potential to be the most Trending sneakers for women.

With a predominantly regal pink upper, this colorway has grey-shaded netting accents that contrast well with the pink. To top it all, the shoe’s tongue is silver with translucent shoelaces. As with the classic Air Jordan 5 design theme, the midsole is white with a translucent blue outsole that also glows in the dark. 

Why is Easter a favourable time to launch new colorways?

Easter marks the end of the Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday and culminates with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After Christmas and Good Friday, Easter is an important festival that signifies new life and rebirth.

Besides the religious significance, Easter has also become a day to celebrate and shop. Many leading retailers have special Easter discounts to celebrate this joyous occasion. For Air Jordan, Easter also coincides with the summers, making it the perfect time to launch colorways and re-release popular silhouettes that would interest sneakerheads.

Where to buy the Air Jordan 5 Regal Pink?

Though you can buy Air Jordan 5 Easter Regal Pink from Nike’s official drop, the chances of you getting a pair of your size are quite slim. Considering that these shoes launched on May 27th, most of them are already sold by now.

The next option for those of you who’d love to get a pair would be to buy from the grey market. Here, resellers sell these shoes for more than 5-10 times their price, considering their limited numbers and high demand for the same.

What many sneaker fans like you do not know is that you can get these shoes at a price that reflects reality. With the help of the Best Online sneaker store, you can get any 100 percent authentic limited edition Air Jordan colorway when you register to buy it on this website. What’s more, you can even buy any colorway in easy installments, if you’re temporarily short of funds. You can get all of this after the official drop of any Air Jordan colorway. Why should you pay a big premium when you can buy your shoes at a realistic price?

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