Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher: A great way to raise funds for a cause

Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher: A great way to raise funds for a cause

May 17, 2022

Brands like Nike have immense goodwill and market power. Whenever they come up with a brand new shoe or colorway, they do not need to publicize it much as Nike is such a reputed brand that people go to great lengths to buy their products.

Here is where they also help those who need help. Nike hasn’t been only about making profits or increasing market share, they have also worked diligently for their corporate social responsibility(CSR) initiatives. Those who intend to Buy Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher will know why.

The Nike Doernbecher Freestyle initiative

Nike has partnered with the OHSU Doernbecher children’s hospital to help fund their research and specialized patient care. This Portland, Oregon-based hospital is one of America’s most well-known pediatric hospitals. Since 2004, both these entities have collaborated to bring to sneakerheads children’s shoes in silhouettes like the Dunk Low, Air Jordan 5 Low, and many others.

The way this works is special- a member of Nike’s famed design team is paired with a hand-selected group of child patients who give their input to make a shoe that truly represents their aspirations, and things they wish they could do.

So far, this initiative has given the OHSU Doernbecher children’s hospital more than $30 million.

As this is a long-term partnership, there is a lot of scope for both to raise money from trending sneakers for men and children that could help them in their noble cause. 

The Nike Doernbecher Freestyle's latest drop

The Nike Doernbecher Freestyle now comes with another drop after a brief halt for two years due to COVID. This time, the child designer is a little boy named Michael Wilson. He suffers from a rare genetic condition that does not let the protective coating on nerve cells remain on practically all kinds of nerves. Called the Krabbe disease, there is currently no cure for this. In fact, Michael’s elder brother Marshall Wilson died from the same disease earlier.

Anyways, the colorway that little Michael Wilson and Nike came up with consists of food and things Michael loves, such as macaroni, fighter jets, and sharks! The designers at Nike came up with Air Jordan sneakers for men and kids that reflect these interests. This was the Air Jordan 5 Low ‘Doernbecher’ a colorful silhouette that is perfect for kids.

Slated for a drop on April 30, 2022, these kicks have a suede upper with colorful overlays and a white midsole with a translucent sole to complete the look.

How to get hold of the Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher?

As is with all limited edition colorways, getting a hold of these iconic shoes is nothing short of an achievement. Though you could buy them during the drop on Nike’s website, the chances of you getting a pair are quite thin.

Instead, you could register to buy on the Best Online sneaker store, where you can get these same shoes at a market-friendly price. Even if you are temporarily short of cash, this website allows you to buy shoes in installments. Why go where everyone does when you can take the offbeat path?

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