Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy: An old colorway that still sells out

Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy: An old colorway that still sells out

May 30, 2022

What comes to mind when we think about the Air Jordans? Most of us would say basketball and Michael Jordan. The Air Jordans are one of the most trending sneakers for men since they first launched way back in the ‘80s. Even today, most of the new colorways and re-releases of old silhouettes sell out as soon as they’re launched.

Why are the Air Jordans still so popular?

Many reasons can be attributed to this, the main being Michael Jordan himself. As this was his own brand, Michael Jordan wore every silhouette of the Air Jordans to his matches. With his amazing performance on the basketball court, everyone saw Mike as their role model, popularizing these Air Jordan sneakers for men even more.

On its part, Nike has made sure that each Air Jordan silhouette is just as comfortable, airy, light and performance-enhancing as it is supposed to be. Nike uses high-quality materials and innovative designs to make each pair of Air Jordans one to cherish.

Besides Mike’s endorsement and optimum quality shoes, Nike has also partnered with other brands and celebrities to further promote the Air Jordans. Furthermore, their in-house design team comes up with newer designs and colorways that interest sneakerheads.

How Nike launches new colorways

To start with, Nike and Air Jordan (which is now a brand in itself) first tease a new colorway online, either as an in-house colorway or in partnership with another entity. They do this a few weeks before the intended drop. When the day of the drop arrives, there is so much demand that each limited edition Air Jordan goes out of stock within minutes.

Yes, not all colorways are that popular. Some are still available online, though most people forget about them altogether. Anyways, Air Jordan re-releases those colorways that are most popular intermittently. One of the most popular colorways of the Air Jordan 6 will be dropped on May 14, 2022. 

Nicknamed the Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy, this colorway was first released way back in 2000.

Though quite an old colorway, there is still immense demand for this. Those who intend to Buy Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy are going all out to get hold of them.

What to expect from the Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy?

This colorway of the Air Jordan 6 comes with an all-white upper and a deep blue midsole. The upper consists of woven interlocked ‘White Infrared’ patches with navy blue hints on the shoe’s tongue and rear pull tab. It comes with flat shoelaces and a unique lace lock.

How do I get hold of the Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy after the drop?

Though these sneakers usually get sold out directly after the official drop, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy them if you’re late. Many sneakerheads turn towards the grey market to get their shoes, paying a high premium for their shoes.

That’s why you should consider buying from the best online sneaker store. Here, you can get the best shoes at a price that matches the official drop. What's more, you can even pay for your purchase in installments. What more do you need?

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