Air Jordan 6 Mint foam: A ‘unisex’ colorway like no other

Air Jordan 6 Mint foam: A ‘unisex’ colorway like no other

Mar 17, 2022

The sneaker industry has been somewhat unfair to women. To start with, most of the basketball sneakers had been designed keeping male basketball players in mind. The range for women’s sneakers came much like an afterthought. However, things have changed for the better.

These days, many people get confused about whether a particular silhouette or colorway is for men or women. One example is the Air Jordan 6 Mint Foam, an Air Jordan 6 colorway that’s scheduled to release on March 8, 2022.

What you need to know about the Air Jordan 6 Mint Foam

Also known as the ‘New Tiffany Blue’, these kicks somewhat resemble the recently released ‘Gold Hoops’ Air Jordan 6 colorway. 

With its light grey and white upper, its mint green design throughout the midsole with a translucent sole, this colorway has a certain vagueness surrounding it. These kicks come with all the features of the Air Jordan 6- lace locks, a unique leather upper design with dual colors, and a signature molded structure behind the lace.

At first glance, this sneaker does not look ‘girly’ at all, it comes with a design and color that both men and women can wear. Despite being launched in women’s sizes, there is still a mad rush to Shop Air Jordan 6 for the scheduled drop by both men and women.

How Nike releases gender-specific sneakers

These days, the difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes has blurred considerably. Nike says most of its latest Air Jordan sneakers are unisex, but there are slight differences in the various colorways and retros released by Nike.

Currently, Nike sells its sneakers based on two size formats MEN (Men) and WMNS (Women’s). Officially, Nike launches adult sneakers either in MEN or WMNS, but sometimes colorways are launched in both size formats. 

When any dropped sneaker becomes a unisex sneaker

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the top-selling sneakers online or any unknown one, most people get confused with the various shoe sizes available. Despite having clear sizes for men and women, WMNS sizes are about 0.5 cm larger on paper. To the naked eye, both MEN and WMNS sizes look the same. Besides the colors, the only way you can differentiate between the two is by looking under the shoe’s tongue. If the US size in the Nike sneaker is 10, it is a WMNS, if the US size is 8.5, it is the MEN size format.

How to buy the right sized shoe

Due to the inherent vagueness, both men and women tend to choose shoes that fit them rather than looking at the shoe sizes. The best way to choose a shoe size that fits is by checking any of your current shoes that fit and noting the size number. Do check the size type, whether it is a US, UK, or EUR size.


Coming back to the Air Jordan 6, there is a high chance you may not get this ‘Mint Foam’ colorway through Nike. With so many people vying for limited stock, you mostly wouldn’t get the same size you want during the drop. That’s why many die-hard sneaker fans choose the best online sneaker store, where they can get guaranteed authentic Nike and Air Jordan sneakers after their drops. When you do not get what you want at Nike, you can always count on Sole Seriouss. What’s more, you can purchase the kicks in easy instalments. Do take a look at Sole Seriouss’s authentic sneaker collection and register to buy before stocks run out!

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