Air Jordan 7 Retro 'Cardinal' 2022: A much desired colorway

Air Jordan 7 Retro 'Cardinal' 2022: A much desired colorway

Dec 13, 2022

What makes you choose an Air Jordan? As these are limited editions, many sneakerheads go to extreme lengths to get what they want. Despite the many new colorways that release regularly, Air Jordan still releases original versions of the Air Jordans. Despite being more than 30 years old, these are some of Air Jordan’s most famous top-selling sneakers.

This December 17, Air Jordan is re-releasing the Air Jordan 7. Designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, these sneakers did away with the visible Air unit when they were launched in 1992. This is just one of the many changes these kicks bought to the Air Jordan brand.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Cardinal Specifications

Tinker Hatfield took inspiration from West African tribal designs to create a silhouette with elegant geometric detailing. The white leather upper comes with unusually designed overlays with white laces and red accents on the midsole. The sole is in black with the Jumpman logo in golden yellow. The insole is black with the Nike Air logo.

Michael Jordan used these shoes on the path to his second consecutive NBA title and also at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

What makes this retro Air Jordan 7 a must-buy?

Besides its popularity, the Air Jordan 7 is praised by all sneakerheads for its superior fit, comfort, cushioning, traction, ventilation, and enhanced support. This makes it an ideal fit for anyone’s Air Jordan 7 Sneaker Collection. Though there have been many colorways and collaborations released over time, this is only the fourth time that the retro version of the Air Jordan 7 is being dropped.

Why buying these retro Air Jordans is so challenging?

Air Jordan drops such kicks in a limited quantity only. This appeals to the sneakerheads, who go all out to cop a pair for their collections. Officially, these shoes are dropped online and in a select few retailers, where stocks vanish as quickly as they arrive.

On top of this, we have opportunistic resellers, who use this to their benefit. At the few retail outlets, these resellers game the system to buy as many Air Jordans as possible and then sell it online for more than twice the profit.

On top of that, genuine sneakerheads aiming to Buy Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Cardinal’ 2022 have to compete with automated bots used by these resellers, who, again, try to buy as much as possible with unfair means.

Air Jordan 7 Retro 'Cardinal' 2022:

This does not mean you can buy genuine Air Jordans only from the grey market. Instead, you could choose to buy these shoes from the best online sneaker store, which sells the shoes at a much more reasonable price than the grey market.

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