Air Jordan Retro Vs. Air Jordan OG

Air Jordan Retro Vs. Air Jordan OG

Dec 06, 2021

Nike's collaboration with Michael Jordan is a famous basketball shoe type, including the OG and Retro. Jordan's shoes are made and distributed under his supervision. Michael Jordan, as he is affectionately known, is probably the greatest basketball player of all time. 

Jordan sneakers, which were initially introduced to the public in 1985, are now as popular as ever, with a variety of models and styles available for men, women, and children all around the world. People are still undecided between OG and retro labels. Do you want to buy Retro Air Jordan online, we sell them with 100% authenticity. Even though Retro and OG are both Jordan sneakers, they have variances. Let's discuss it further in the blog: 

Air Jordan Retro 

Many other basketball shoes have been created by Nike, but the level of excitement and popularity that Jordan sneakers have acquired is unrivaled in history. Today too Air Jordan is one of the world's leading shoe brands. Even though Michael Jordan retired in 2003, Jordan shoes are still the most popular basketball shoes in the world. Are you a fan of Jordan's too? Why wait then buy Retro Air Jordan Sneakers online

Retro Jordans are either the sneakers that Michael Jordan wore during his playing career or classic Air Jordans that have been significantly changed to appeal to modern audiences. Year after year, the manufacturer continues to release and re-release such shoes to capitalize on the great basketball player's legacy. There have been 28 Air Jordan sneaker models thus far, ranging from I to XVIII. In the market, re-releases of these models are referred to as retro. Retro shoes are a testament to Michael Jordan's popularity and enthusiasm among admirers. Are you afraid to get the first copy of Air Jordans instead of an authentic one, then we got you covered, Sole Seriouss is the Best Online Sneaker Store providing authentic shoes. 

Air Jordan OG

Every year, the Jordan Company revives a number of its older shoes by making slight tweaks and rereleasing them to capitalize on their popularity. There are, however, some models in the complete range that have yet to be retried. The originals are referred to as OGs. Numerous Air Jordan models have been re-released multiple times to gain popularity. If you want to buy sneakers online, then search for Air Jordan OGs and you will get the result. 

Retro Vs. OG

  • Retros are Air Jordan shoes that have been re-released with minimal material and shoe-making technology alterations to mimic a previous model.
  • OG stands for original and refers to Jordan shoe models that have not been retried.
  • Some Jordan sneakers, out of so many models, have been re-released multiple times, while others have yet to be attempted. The originals, or OGs, are referred to as such.

Wrapping Up 

If you love Air Jordans, then you already know the difference between OG and Retro. What to choose totally depends on your preference. Here are some recommendations for Retro Air Jordan that you might love: 

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