AJ 1 Low Flyease: How Nike is now catering to the underserved 'special needs' market

AJ 1 Low Flyease: How Nike is now catering to the underserved 'special needs' market

Jun 27, 2022

What do you think of when you see someone with special needs? Most of them yearn to be regular, they try their best to not let their disability affect their normal lives. Despite there being about a billion people across the world with some sort of disability, most brands did not have any products that solved their problems, until recently. These specially-abled people used to depend on medical device makers for their clothes and shoes, but now new arrival sneakers come with solutions that match their needs.

How the Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease ‘Bio Hack’ differs from the high-top version

Keeping in mind the unique spatial requirements of those with special needs, the Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease comes without a lacing system. Instead, it has a Velcro and zip that makes it easier for such people to fasten their shoes. This also means that these special kicks cannot come in the high-top version, where the shoes are made higher than the ankle. Here, Nike has designed these shoes such that they can be worn with minimal effort, without having to bend much for tying shoelaces or wearing the shoe altogether.

Besides this, the remaining features of the Air Jordan 1 design theme remain the same.

How a written request led to Nike developing shoes for special needs

Most of the Air Jordan sneakers for men were usually shoes meant for the basketball courts for abled adults. However, a letter sent in 2012 by Matthew Walzer, who suffers from cerebral palsy changed all of that for the better. This 16-year-old NBA fan faced great hardship in becoming independent. Till then, he was able to clothe himself but needed his parent’s help to tie his shoelaces. Nike designer Tobie Hatfield understood his plight and began working on a more' inclusive silhouette for those with special needs.

Thus was born FlyEase, the Air Jordan 1 silhouette version that caters to special needs. Now, Nike has gone a step further and has developed a silhouette where it is now possible to wear shoes without bending at all.

For those looking to buy Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease ‘Bio Hack’ or these new shoes christened the Nike GO FlyEase, Nike has now catered to those who were often neglected by high fashion houses.

It is only now that brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos, and Tommy are now seriously looking to cater to these people. There has been a slew of innovations in this regard, besides the Nike GO FlyEase.

Nike, while it retains the number one spot in the sports sneaker market, is now catering to everyone, irrespective of age, gender, or physical appearance. However, due to the immense demand for its shoes, getting hold of them remains a challenge. Here’s where you can rely on the best online sneaker store. Here, you can get any latest Nike shoes much later than the official drop. If needed, you can even buy these shoes in interest-free installments. What more do you want?
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