AJ1 Brotherhood: The mad craze for this Air Jordan 1 colorway

AJ1 Brotherhood: The mad craze for this Air Jordan 1 colorway

Mar 02, 2022

Why does the Air Jordan 1 still sell like hotcakes in 2022? Besides being a timeless classic, these kicks have an aura of their own. The Air Jordan sneakers for men are more than just basketball shoes, they are a fashion staple in every sneaker fanatic’s wardrobe. 

Why is the Air Jordan so popular?

The Air Jordan brand is worth more than a billion dollars. It reached this magic figure in part due to Michael Jordan’s exemplary performance on the basketball court along with Nike’s commitment to bring out shoes that could help basketball players play their best game.

Nike’s focus on quality combined with Mike’s demonstration of the shoe’s utility on the court was a big factor that made the Air Jordan brand a favorite amongst sneakerheads.

Usually, most footwear brands bring out newer versions of sneakers after the popularity of the older version vanes. That's not the case with Air Jordans. Even though more than 30 versions of the Air Jordans were released, the classic Air Jordan 1 still has unmatched demand. Even if they are re-released today, there is a big chance they’ll sell out within days.

To cater to the newest trends, Nike releases newer colorways of the Air Jordan regularly. These are basically Air Jordans that come with various color patterns, some are unisex, while other latest Air Jordan sneakers are specifically made for men, women, kids, or even toddlers.

The Air Jordan 1 comes in three versions- High (covering the ankle), Mid (covering part of the ankle), and Low (beneath the ankle). The Air Jordan High and Air Jordan Mids are usually for professional basketballers, while the Air Jordan Low is usually preferred for casual wear use.

All about the latest Air Jordan 1 ‘Brotherhood’ colorway

Nike is dropping the latest Air Jordan 1 ‘Brotherhood’ colorway on February 24, 2022. This one’s inspired by Michael Jordan’s time as a student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where he studied geography on a basketball scholarship.

Here, he was part of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. This colorway pays homage to that fraternity with its University Gold, Light Blue, and White color scheme. 

Just as the classic Patent Bred colorway that was released last year, there is great hype online by many sneakerheads for this unique AJ1 colorway. Though Air Jordan had released the Marina Blue colorway recently, this new colorway comes as a breath of fresh air as this is the colorway’s maiden launch.

How to get hold of the Air Jordans in 2022?

How to get hold of the Air Jordans in 2022?


Getting hold of any authentic newly-released or classic colorway of the Air Jordan 1 depends more on your luck than your purchasing power. Air Jordan releases limited stocks of most colorways online on its official website and some other sites.

If you want to get hold of the latest colorway the conventional way, you’d have to log in and buy at the exact time the colorway drops online. If you delay your purchase for an hour or even a day, the chances you could get yourself a pair are next to impossible.

However, do not lose hope. There are other sites, like the best online sneaker store where you can get your favorite AJ1 colorways that are rarely available in the market. Do check out the collection and let us know what you think.

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