Oct 18, 2022

How do you feel when you get a little more than expected? We bet most of you would say happiness, contentment, and a sense of achievement. After all, everyone has certain expectations from the people they love or the products they buy. Whether it’s your aunt who gets you the latest Hot Wheels car or game console or when your friends bring you gifts on your birthday, we all love getting something that gives us a genuine smile on our faces.

Do you actually use your miles/reward points?

Whether you’re buying trending sneakers for men or daily essentials, shopping online always 

gives you a chance to earn that little extra something. Though we use our credit cards daily, do we actually use them efficiently? A survey conducted by a leading think tank suggests that only about 15 percent of all American adults actually use their air miles or credit card points. Further, it suggests that we hold more than 100 billion unredeemed points on our credit cards and other loyalty programs.

Most people sign up for a co-branded credit card or loyalty program to use the points later, but eventually never do. Instead, many just forget about their loyalty points.

We’d like to change that. Here at Sole Seriouss, we actively encourage all our customers to use our rewards systems so that they can get the best deals on their purchases. That is one reason why we’ve collaborated with third-party financiers so that you could buy your favorite kicks in installments.

How Sole Seriouss’ rewards system works

At Sole Seriouss, we cherish every one of you who purchases from our platform. For us, it is a matter of pride when you choose to buy top-selling sneakers from us rather than other sources. We’d love to cater to your purchases in the future, that’s why we have a rewards system where you get rewarded for each purchase or reference that you give us. It works like this-

Upon registering, you earn 100 points for that. On each purchase, you earn more points that add to your account. You can redeem these points for exclusive discounts that we offer from time to time.

We have 3 VIP tiers-

Rookie- First-time users get added to this tier by default. Here, you get to earn $1 per point and access to our exclusive VIP emailing list. 

All-Star- Once you spend more than $1,000 you get the opportunity to earn 1.25 points per $1 spent. 

Superstar- Here, you get to earn 1.5 points per dollar spent. You get a membership to this tier when you spend more than $5,000 on Sole Seriouss. Besides this, you also get to earn double points and access to exclusive events.

Besides this, Sole Seriouss also allows you to earn points when you write us a review, add a photo to it, follow/like us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and also get an exclusive discount on your birthday. Sole Seriouss also gives you fixed discounts when you redeem a certain amount of points during checkout. Check out our rewards page for more details.

Earn points on every purchase. Become a VIP member and get exclusive discounts
Earn points on every purchase. Become a VIP member and get exclusive discounts

In the end

At Sole Seriouss, we want to make sure you have the best shopping experience that you’d not get anywhere else. We want to make sure you get the best service and come back again and again for all your sneaker, collectible, or streetwear needs. After all, we have to maintain the ‘best online sneaker store title you have given us.

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