Find the ideal gift for your loved one within your means

Find the ideal gift for your loved one within your means

Dec 01, 2022

For many of us, choosing a gift can become a big dilemma. We would always want to choose a gift that the receiver would cherish yet not be that pricey for our wallets. At the same time, the gift should not look like it comes from the dollar store. So, how do you choose a gift within a reasonable price range?

At Sole Seriouss, we’ve curated some gifts you could choose that don’t pinch your pocket. With this collection, you can buy trending sneakers online or accessories online and yet give your son, father, mother, friend, or spouse unprecedented joy. Let’s see what you could buy within $250 for a gift to your loved ones-

Nike Dunk Low Next Nature 'Phantom' Women's

This women’s special Nike Dunk comes with a white and gold suede upper with a suede sole. These shoes are a great gifting option for your daughter who’d want to Buy Air Jordan sneakers online that she could wear daily.

Nike Dunk High SE 'All-Star' (GS)

Make your little one a fashionable star with these kids' special Nike Dunks. These shoes have a barely green colorway with a shiny black swoosh and other black overlays. The sole is black as well, as per the Nike Dunk design format. These shoes are a great gifting option for your little nephew’s birthday party or to dress up your toddler for a special event.

Nike Air Force 1 Low / PR Day 'Puerto Rico'

This colorway comes with a white upper and a distinct Blue Gale Swoosh with the Nike and Puerto Rico logos on the rear. These trendy shoes are a perfect gift for your teenage son who could use these shoes to wear to school daily.

Supreme Tee 'Stack' Navy FW21

For your brand-obsessed son, this is a great gift that will make him remember you forever. Considering how challenging it is to Buy Supreme Clothing Online, it is only here that you can get such a rare product.

Air Jordan 1 Low 'Reverse Bred'

There is a slight change in this Air Jordan 1 iteration. These shoes come with an inverted color combination from the earlier AJ1 Bred colorway. This could be an ideal gift for your college-going son who needs something unique in his closet.

Supreme x Swiss Advance Crono N5 Pocket Knife Red FW21

Anything goes with the brand Supreme. This is an ideal gift for those who love the outdoors- camping or trekking in the wild. Manufactured by Crono, this pocket knife is a great addition to anyone’s Supreme products collection.

Sole Seriouss Gift Cards- We get it, sometimes you may not have the time to choose what to gift. A Sole Seriouss gift card would be ideal in that case. You can get one in multiple denominations- $25, $50, $100, $150, or even more. 

At this best online sneaker store, there’s no doubt you’ll get whatever you need at any price point. This could be top-selling sneakers online or any kind of collectible accessories that you’d not get anywhere else.

With thousands of products to choose from, getting a gift for someone within your budget would never be a problem.

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