How Eric Emanuel made the humble shorts a fashion statement

How Eric Emanuel made the humble shorts a fashion statement

Apr 21, 2022

What comes to mind when you think about relaxing on the beach? A pair of shorts, flip-flops, a cocktail, and the amazing breeze. Maybe it was this that makes thousands of fans choose shorts from a brand that is akin to Supreme in its marketing strategy. A brand that collaborates with leading brands to bring to you unique shorts. Sporting this brand’s logo is what gets you the most compliments. Yes, we are talking about Eric Emmanuel.

Who is Eric Emanuel?

A Fashion Institute of Technology, New York marketing graduate, Eric started making jerseys and other apparel at the end of his senior year. Though he has his own brand, website, and a few stores, it is the Eric Emanuel shorts that sell like hotcakes.

Why are his shorts so popular?

Eric started making shorts about four years ago. He had known how the traditional basketball shorts from Mitchell and Ness had a large and heavy waistband. He know his customers would want light, tight, and fashionable shorts, so he based his sorts on his lacrosse shorts.

He designed a pair of shorts that are light, airy, and perfect to wear in the summer heat. 

Needless to say, his shorts designs became a sensation. Those who want to Buy Eric Emanuel Shorts online have to wait for the weekly Friday drop. When the products are launched, they sell out immediately.

Why does Eric call his shorts ‘The Best Shorts in the World’?

To start with, promoting a product with this tagline can be pretty ballsy. Yet, Eric did it as he knew he could pull it off. In an interview, he said he could’ve started by selling T-shirts, but the competition was immense. On the other hand, hardly anyone cared which shorts they wore, only considering how comfortable they were.

Eric realized that he could make shorts a fashion statement, not just something that is taken for granted by one and all. His hard work is paying off finally as his shorts have become an internet sensation.

How Eric has ‘redefined’ the shorts?

Eric sells his shorts for more than $90 a pop. This is how he maintains exclusivity. Earlier, the mere thought of a ‘designer short’ was an alien concept. Eric has used his creativity and marketing skills that make shorts a designer wear garment. Those who Shop Eric Emanuel shorts online know how difficult it is to get a pair.

Is there a way to buy these shorts after the Friday drop?

Though most of the stock is unavailable after the Friday drops, you could lay your hands on these shorts from a secret source. Here, you can get these shorts in the design and size you want. 

Visit the best online sneaker store and check out the collection of Eric Emanuel basic shorts. What’s more, if you do not have the money to buy them right then, you could pay for them in installments. Now, nothing should stop you from getting your favorite Eric Emanuel shorts!

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