How gamers are looking forward to the next generation consoles

How gamers are looking forward to the next generation consoles

Jan 27, 2022

How the pandemic has affected next-generation gaming consoles 

Gaming has seen a sea of change in the last two years since the beginning of the Coronavirus-induced pandemic. As everyone spent most of their time indoors, gaming stood out as a form of entertainment that everyone could enjoy. The demand for dedicated gaming consoles skyrocketed.

As governments imposed lockdowns, the production of gaming consoles (and other electronics) came to a standstill. When they did resume production, the demand far outstripped supply. Many people thought this would be a temporary phenomenon, but this challenge has only worsened over time. It wasn’t only because of the pandemic, there is another reason why gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch Lite console and others could not meet up to demand.

The reason for the gaming console shortage- The Global Chip Shortage

It was not only the pandemic that caused a shortage of a crucial electronic component in all devices, the global semiconductor shortage was an effect of the pandemic’s cause.

During the pandemic, electronic manufacturers including gaming console makers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo slashed chip orders, as they thought demand would slow down as everyone was indoors. On the contrary, the opposite happened. 

White-collared workers started working from home. This increased demand for electronics including gaming consoles. When they were swamped with orders only then did they realize their folly.

To date, those intending to buy Sony PlayStation 5 or other gaming consoles cannot get one easily as demand far outstrips supply. 

How gamers are sourcing their consoles

Everyone from avid gamers to parents looking to gift gaming consoles to their kids is going to great lengths to get the latest gaming console. Some have formed online communities where any news of a restock is shared. Some others are taking pricy annual memberships of retail chains to be the first to know about restocks or ‘invitations to buy the consoles’ from these chains.

The situation seems to be so grim that such social media page communities for news about the latest restock have tens of thousands of followers in them.

To top it all, gaming console makers like Sony and Microsoft have come up with turnarounds. They are emailing ‘select fans’ to purchase gaming consoles and games packages to owners of existing Xbox/PlayStation account holders. Most of these gaming consoles are now turning up in the gray market selling for ten times their original price.

This also means that many people are using automated bots to corner the already limited units in online restocks launched by gaming console manufacturers.

How companies are trying to solve the demand-supply imbalance

Due to semiconductor and other component shortages, Sony has reduced the production outlook for its devices. Earlier, it had targeted to produce more than 16 million units but by the end of 2021 they reduced this target to 14.8 million PS5 units.

Even after more than a year since its launch, getting hold of one is still going to be tough. The same is the case with those wanting to buy Microsoft Xbox Series X online

The top three gaming console makers- Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have reduced the number of gaming consoles they originally intended to make due to the shortage of semiconductors and other crucial gaming components.

Wrap Up

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