How Nike and Virgil Abloh spun magic with ‘The 50’ low dunk sneakers

How Nike and Virgil Abloh spun magic with ‘The 50’ low dunk sneakers

Feb 03, 2022

Nike regularly collaborates with renowned designers for designer sneakers that stand out. One collaboration that everyone looked forward to was that with famous designer Virgil Abloh. 

Nike got Abloh to design a total of 50 colorways for an exclusive designer sneaker collection. A few colorways from this collection have captured the attention of sneakerheads, many of whom go to extreme lengths to get a pair. 

In this post, we’ll see one of the co-designed Nike dunk shoes that have caused a sensation in the sneaker market-the Nike Dunk Low x Off-White 'Lot 50'.

The most famous Virgil Abloh- Nike designer sneaker colorway

The 50 Nike x Off-White" Collection

The one thing that captures people’s attention is the unique double-laced pattern on this sneaker. This design element is perhaps the first of its kind, where you have to tie two pairs of laces for a snug fit. One is Nike’s signature flat laces while the other is cord laces that cover the primary laces in a loose zig-zag format.

Besides this, there is the usual Nike swoosh on the sides of the upper along with the same outsole that is common in many Nike sneakers. At the base of the upper and just above the outsole, the Nike Dunk Low Lot 50 comes with a label noting the number of colorways. Throughout the upper, there is a combination of black leather with different textures. These low-top dunks come in colorways that include purple, pink, red, maroon, orange, and many more. Nike dropped these sneakers with unique colorways in a lot of 50, which was quite unusual. No wonder these first-of-a-kind sneakers have gotten so popular.

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What makes this collaboration unique?

This is perhaps the first time Nike has released so many colorways at once. The collaborator, noted designer Virgil Abloh is now no more but was known for his amazing designs for his other collabs with IKEA and Louis Vuitton. Virgil brought his own design style to Nike’s sneakers that got him critical acclaim. Nike took a bet on using the services of Abloh, who wasn’t that experienced with designing sneakers.


Though this was a one-off collaboration, Nike managed to captivate sneaker fans’ attention by partnering with noted designer Abloh. This was a risky decision, as Abloh was better known for his apparel and furniture designs. Nevertheless, the bet paid off and both parties got their fair share of the limelight.

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