How Nike is keeping the Dunk’s popularity alive in 2022

How Nike is keeping the Dunk’s popularity alive in 2022

Feb 26, 2022

Nike Dunks are some of the most popular and desirable shoes every sneakerhead yearns to own. First launched in 1985, these were a combination of three of the most popular Nike sneakers of the time- the Legend, the Terminator, and the Jordan 1. Before the release of these sneakers, all basketball sneakers were predominantly white or of solid colors.

With the Dunks, Nike introduced color blocking, two-tone colorways. Nike had launched the Dunks with college basketball players in mind. At launch, they sponsored the uniforms of 12 schools with their varsity color Nike Dunks and matching apparel. To appeal to this crowd, Nike used the tagline ‘Stay True to Your School’.

However, it seems Nike timed the launch wrongly. Due to the ever-popular Air Jordan 1, most people didn’t prefer to buy Nike Dunks. So low was the demand that they began selling at a discount at bargain shops.

Nevertheless, subsequent re-releases and collaborations for different colorways changed people’s perceptions of these shoes. 

Meanwhile, sneakerheads found a completely new use for the Nike Dunk.

Why were Nike Dunks ideal for skateboarding?

At the time, skateboarders did not have a dedicated shoe that they could use. Skateboarding required shoes to be firm with a good grip and ankle support. Skateboarding enthusiasts found the Nike Dunk ideal for their use.

Nike was quick to realize this. It then launched the Nike SB line of shoes, which were essentially Nike Dunks but marketed as skateboarding shoes.

Strategies Nike uses to retain the Dunk’s popularity in 2022


Nike has kept the Dunk’s utility alive by collaborating with leading designers, celebs, companies, athletes, and much more. For instance, one of the most popular Nike collabs was with Supreme. These shoes came in 3 colorways, and sneakerheads did everything they could to grab a pair. Similarly, Nike collaborated with leading designers like Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, and many others.

Limited quantities

We aren’t sure whether Nike deliberately releases small quantities of limited-edition collabs and colorways or if the quantity produced actually isn’t enough, but this makes the shoes worth its weight in gold. Nike usually drops new colorways after announcing its launch beforehand, but this is usually not enough when it comes to the actual release. The shoes sell out within minutes of launch, some turning up on the grey market for multiple times its price. 


When some colorways are seen to be extra popular, Nike re-releases them intermittently. Some of these re-releases could be years apart, while others are done within months. Usually, Nike checks the demand in the market to know which Dunks to re-release. As these re-releases are mostly online, those who intend to buy Nike shoes online must do so at the exact time of re-release so that they have a genuine chance of getting a pair.

Why this month’s launch of 3 colorways turning heads?

On February 23, Nike is all set to release three colorways of the iconic Nike Dunks- Light Chocolate, Yellow Acid Wash, and Acid Wash. This is an unprecedented event, as Nike has never launched multiple colorways on a single date. Though many sneakerheads have tried to reason this launch, Nike seldom replies to speculations. The three colorways being launched are true to Nike’s tradition of releasing colorways that suit the latest trends. The best part is, these colorways are incredibly versatile, where both women and men can sport them.

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