How Sneakers Became The Heart & Soul Of Lifestyle

How Sneakers Became The Heart & Soul Of Lifestyle

Dec 15, 2021

Is there any other garment that has risen to prominence faster than the once-forgotten sneaker? The sneaker's rise from workout shoe to high-fashion staple echoes due to some of the most major pop-culture events of the last few decades, from advertising and mass production to hip-hop and the NBA's influence. Get the most fashionable sneakers from the best online sneaker store. 


The days when shoes, sometimes known as trainers, were an accessory we really used to exercise in seem like a distant past, a relic of a time when Nokia phones and fax machines were commonplace. Because, whereas men have worn gleaming white sneakers for decades, women have only recently begun to identify Stan Smiths and tattered Reeboks with high fashion. While men know exactly which are the trending sneakers for men, women are also learning sneaker skills.

In the East End of London, life in sneakers began long before the fashion crowd became aware of them. In truth, the fad began in the 1830s with a pair of pre-vulcanized Brazilian rubber overshoes, and by the 1980s, laborers were wearing canvas low-tops that, amusingly, look a lot like a pair of Jack Purcell. Chuck Taylor All-Stars, named after the basketball player and salesperson who sold 600 million pairs of shoes, became their first celebrity endorsement in the 1930s.

Today, the modest white shoe can be found at every price range, from high-end designer couture to high-street sportswear that even the ordinary teenager can purchase. They've been welcomed by a wide range of people, including the preppy dress and blazer set, street-wear gals, and high-fashion stylists. They've become a classic in just a few years, a versatile staple that can be worn to any occasion. Even every range of sneakers is available to buy sneakers online

Because so many individuals now work from home, the 1980s working dress code is quickly vanishing from memory, and comfort is given all the priority. Even for those of us who have a morning commute, fewer industries demand employees dress up: IT gurus, fashion designers, singers, journalists, architects, and stylists are all considerably more likely to wear sneakers to work than formal shoes. As a result, your footwear has become a powerful symbol of your career.


Sneakers also feel alluringly gender-neutral in an era when women are re-evaluating their positions in society and demanding a desexualization of the workplace. Nobody is claiming that wearing high heels is unfeminist, but the idea that women should dress in a certain way to appeal to men is changing, and as a result, most women put comfort first.

Jordan & Adidas 

There are the legendary Adidas sports shoes from the 1960s, Adidas Stan Smiths from the 1970s, and sneakers that became the hip-hop uniform of choice during the 1980s boom years – think Air Jordan and Adidas Superstar, both of which are available at Sole Seriouss. The omnipresent sneakers of the 1990s came next (Air max 95, Insta pump fury). Meanwhile, as seen on Tom Hanks in Big and Forrest Gump, and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, our pre-millennium television sets reflected the burgeoning public love with white sneakers.

Street & Sports 

Despite the luxury currently associated with an athletic style, sneakers were popular on the streets and the sports fields at the time. They were scarcely workplace or formal event footwear as they became increasingly technologically advanced, heavily branded, and brightly colored, and the notion of wearing them anyplace other than on your morning commute would have soon landed you a spot on the worst-dressed lists. The new arrival sneakers are all set for the workplace & street both. 

Prada, the brand was a forerunner in premium sportswear, debuting a shoe with its first Prada sports line in 1997. This catapulted the modest sneaker into the realm of high fashion, and since then, every designer has followed suit, and sneaker after that, there was never looking back.

Modern times 

In 2021-22, shoes can be found in practically any situation. They're worn to work, Wimbledon, and even weddings by women. They may be the ideal fashion item: a blank canvas that you can match with nearly anything while also cultivating an effortless dressing style. Buy sneakers online from the best online sneaker store to get the authentic ones. 

The current trend is for styles that look like you could run a marathon in them, yet are paired with a party dress and a lot of jewelry. For those who don't want all the focus on their feet, there are also plain white versions of sneakers to pair with. 


Orthopedic shoes are also making a comeback, thanks to Gucci, Balenciaga, and Chanel, among others. Styles like the Gucci Rhyton Logo and the Acne studios Manhattan, in particular, appear to be offering considerable assistance.

Wrapping up 

The introduction of sneakers into practically every social setting indicates a huge shift in how we dress. If the loss of the hat from postwar society demonstrated a world eschewing Victorian stuffiness, the arrival of the sneaker demonstrates how we've collectively thrown out the rule book and begun dressing in a more relaxed manner as we say goodbye to tradition. At Sole Seriouss, all the new arrivals sneakers are available. Shop for trending sneakers for men for both a balanced and fashionable look.
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