How to buy authentic Supreme products in 2021?

How to buy authentic Supreme products in 2021?

Dec 13, 2021

The Supreme brand is one of the most sought-after brands out there. Though it hardly spends on marketing, it is a sensation amongst teenagers and young people worldwide. 

Worth more than a billion dollars, buying, selling, and reselling Supreme Accessories online can be quite lucrative. So much so, that for every authentic Supreme product out there, you will find multiples of fakes. For many, buying a Supreme product is an aspirational purchase.

If you aren’t cautious and jump into the first opportunity to buy Supreme bags at an unbelievable price, there are high chances the bag you bought could be fake. In fact, counterfeiters have gotten so good at faking branded products that many people buy them without thinking twice.

It is not easy to spot fakes, especially if you choose to Buy Supreme Clothing Online. In this post, we’ll help you see how you can identify authentic Supreme products against the sea of fakes available out there.

7 ways to spot fake Supreme products

Counterfeiters have gone to great extents to bring to you fake products from world-renowned brands. We aren’t talking about cheap fakes which misspell the brand name, these are fakes that use high-quality materials and equipment to fake every minor detail of the product. For untrained eyes, spotting a brand new Supreme sweatshirt or Supreme headwear that is genuine can be quite difficult. Here are some small details you can check to make sure you aren’t cheated.

How to spot fake Supreme logos- Most of the time it isn’t possible to check whether the garment is fake or not just by looking at the logo. Fakes have got so sophisticated that you can’t judge whether your hoodie is fake or not just by looking at the logo. Here is a comparison between a fake Supreme logo and an original one.

As you can see, the real Supreme logo has a richer red color. Any logo with a lighter red color would probably be fake.

How to spot fake Supreme labels- An easier way to spot a fake Supreme hoodie is by checking its label. The word ‘Supreme’ there is straight, neatly written, and takes up the lower space of the tag. If the name is not written in the right proportions, the hoodie you are looking at is fake. Also, the ‘Made in’ tag should come up to the ‘e’ of Supreme; anything higher or lower than that is fake. You can use a ruler to find out as is with this image.

Authentic Supreme drawstrings vs. fake drawstrings- Supreme always uses flat drawstrings in all its hoodies. If the drawstring is round, you have been cheated of your money.

Spotting fake print on the product- If you are buying a hoodie or a printed Supreme T-shirt, the quality of the print can help you establish whether the one you have is genuine or not. Sometimes, the print design is purposefully blurred or pixelated. You can check the quality of the print by matching the same design online; if the print’s color differs or is too dark or light, you may have a fake.

How fake Supremes feel like-  There is no match for the superior quality and feel of genuine Supreme apparel. For example, if you buy Supreme Sweatshirts, there is this unique feel and comfort that it provides that is unmatched elsewhere. Counterfeit Supreme sweatshirts would never be able to give you that quality and feel as a Supreme sweatshirt would give.

How to spot fakes through their stitching-  Start by checking the stitch along the neckline. Most Supreme Shirts, Supreme Tops, and Supreme Bottoms wouldn't have any visible stitching. If you find visible single- or double-stitching inside the garment, it is probably fake. 

However, some original Supreme garments may have single or double stitching inside as the company has changed its suppliers from time to time. If this confuses you, do check the label, logo, and print of the garment before purchasing it.

Stay clear from too-good-to-be-true prices- If you plan to Buy Supreme Accessories online, stay far away from prices that seem too good to be true. Supreme stickers, bags, and other accessories are of the best quality and come with a price tag that matches that. 


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