How To Make Sneakers Look Fashionable?

How To Make Sneakers Look Fashionable?

Nov 11, 2021

Sneakers are a staple in every fashion-conscious young person’s wardrobe. We all are used to wearing these simple shoes- as a last-minute fashion hack for school or just for a casual day out on errands. 

Many people take their sneakers for granted. Sneakers have this I-am-always-there vibe, every young college student has their own sneaker story where these simple shoes saved them from making a fashion blunder.

No wonder many students buy sneakers online whenever any of their shoes give way. Fence-sitters do not realize how important a pair of sneakers can be for their wardrobes. They are confused with the variety of options available. Are you one of these? We’ll show you how you can get a pair of sneakers under retail price that can rock any casual look.

How simple sneakers can transform into glamorous sneakers

There is practically nothing in your wardrobe that cannot be glamorous. Even if it is stuffed with thrift shop clothes or that dress that now doesn’t fit, you can always find creative ways to make use of everything (of course, a majority of your ill-fitting or torn clothes need to be donated or given away). Nevertheless, the sneakers you wore to high school can also be transformed into flaunt-worthy shoes that go with any casual look.

Before we go into the details, let us first know:

3 basic sneaker rules

Rule #1- Sneakers aren’t for formal use

Though sneakers can be worn for all casual events, do not go overboard with them. Wearing these to work can put you in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Instead, wear these for any casual day out with friends, a date with your bae, or any other occasion that does not relate to work.

Rule # 2- Buy sneakers that suit your current wardrobe

Don’t jump on the ‘latest trendy sneakers’ bandwagon, yet. Take your time to search for your ideal sneakers from the best online sneaker store that suits your style. Your sneakers should match your personal style and body type. Don’t just buy the first sneakers you like, take time to choose a pair online that suits your wardrobe.

Rule # 3 – Keep them clean

Your sneakers look their best only when you clean them regularly. A pair of soiled sneakers can not only spoil your look, but it can also reflect badly on your personality too. That’s why it should reflect the white glow by carefully cleaning the outsole, washing the laces, and eliminating odors.

Tricks to transform your look with humble sneakers

Classic sneaker designs are eternal

No sneaker can go out of style. Your old sneakers you wore as a teen can still look amazing when you use them well. You could wear them to a casual meet-up with your friends or while taking a trip to the supermarket for urgent supplies.

Reinvent them to match your personal style

Who said simple design sneakers have limited use? You could reinvent them by getting them painted in a design of your choice so that it goes with any casual outfit from your wardrobe. You could pair them up with baggy jeans and a loose top for the ultimate comfort wear or a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top. Further, you could experiment with using different colored laces or wear them with not-to-be-seen socks for a cool look.

Accessorize them well

Just wearing a plain pair of jeans with sneakers isn’t going to give you fashion brownie points- if you want your sneakers to look fashionable, invest in accessories like a watch, mono-colored socks, trendy tees, and much more. Further, you can add a pair of earrings, bracelets, or necklaces that add to the look.

Invest in a universal pair

Its versatility allows your sneakers to go with most outfits and yet look awesome every time you wear them. You can choose from luxury sneakers, sports sneakers, hiking sneakers, and much more. Here at Sole Seriouss, we take great pains to ensure we have the complete collection of top-selling sneakers online for women and men that suit every style.

Summing It Up

Sneakers are a fashion staple in every young person’s wardrobe. A few different types of sneakers are ideal to pair up with all your clothes. A few fashion hacks here and there are all that’s needed to make a stellar first impression.

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