Latest Nike Dunks collection- How did it evolve?

Latest Nike Dunks collection- How did it evolve?

Oct 17, 2022

The Dunk, which debuted in 1985 as a basketball sneaker, has now become one of Nike's most recognizable styles and top-selling sneakers. The shoes were inspired by the basketball player Michael Jordan. They had a low-cut design with a thick rubber sole which made them ideal for dunking.

Why are Nike Dunks called Dunks?

The shoe was originally called "Dunk" because it was designed for basketball players to dunk the ball in the net from close range.

The name "Dunk" soon became associated with the shoe itself, and it stuck as Nike's official name for the shoe. Nike Dunks are now sold all over the world--from China to Europe to North America--but they are still most popular in America where people like to wear them as everyday shoes or sports shoes.

Skateboarders adored the Nike Dunk High as quickly as the general audience did. Skaters' rebellious character, particularly in the 1990s, stopped them from embracing famous or fashionable Nike sneakers. Skaters could get a pair of Nike Dunks for cheap in the early 1990s. The shoes also provided the support & sturdiness that skaters need. Skateboarders were drawn to Nike Dunks since most customers were no longer engaged in them.

Evolution of Nike Dunks from basketball shoes to skateboard shoes

Nike sought to establish its imprint in the market as skating & skateboarding surged in popularity. Nike initially struggled to connect with the culture. Nike had not yet realized how society was loving the Dunk. But, as is customary with Nike, when they found it out, they discovered it out big.

Nike modified the Dunk High in 1998, making it less basketball footwear and more of a skateboard shoe. The tongues were replaced with nylon, which improved the silhouette for skating. These top selling sneakers' aesthetic remained unchanged, as well as the classic colorways, in addition to those evocative of the OGS, were manufactured. The comeback of the Dunk, with some skate-inspired upgrades, was able to connect with the skate demographic Nike was after.

The Nike Dunks shoes are known for their bright colors and unique appearance. Nike Dunks shoes are an iconic part of Nike's history. They have been featured in many different types of media, such as the movie "Space Jam" and commercials.

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  • Nike SB Dunk Low Pro PRM 'Los Angeles Dodgers'
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    Nike Dunks design & comfort

    Nike dunks are a popular shoe that is worn by both men and women. These shoes are available in different colors and designs. They come with a thick sole that makes them comfortable to wear. The Nike dunks also have a leather lining which makes them easy to put on and take off.

    The Nike dunks come in different sizes, from small to extra-large. You can buy them from any Nike store or retail store that sells their products. You can also buy the latest Nike dunks online through the official website of Nike or third-party retailers like Soleseriouss. 

    Understanding how to accessorize the Nike Dunk has also been quite vital in the last two years. The silhouette's massive rise in prominence in all of its variants has catapulted it firmly into the shoe limelight. Now, a whole fresh generation of sneakerheads has embraced the Nike Dunk, bringing their spin on the legendary shoe.

    Wrapping up

    The price of these shoes varies depending on where you buy them from, but they can range anywhere from $70 to $200 per pair. You can buy these trending sneakers for men from SoleSeriouss, one of the best online sneaker stores. Nike Dunks are made to be worn on the court, but they have become popular for their style and design. They are now worn by people who want to make a statement about themselves and their style.
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