Marina Blue 1s vs Royal Blue 1s: Battle of the Blues

Marina Blue 1s vs Royal Blue 1s: Battle of the Blues

Feb 18, 2022

Ever since its launch in 1985, the Air Jordan 1s have redefined basketball shoes. Even after more than 35 years since it first launched, the Air Jordan 1 still outsells most of its competitors. Sneakerheads and fashionistas do not see the Air Jordan only as a basketball shoe, they are a fashion must-have in their wardrobes.

How did these Air Jordan sneakers for men become so popular? Partly because of the various colorways and versions of the shoe that were launched. These colorways and versions meant that the Air Jordan 1 became a trendy shoe not only for men but also for women and kids.

The Air Jordan 1 colorways became super-famous because of a slight change in its design- they now come in 3 versions- High(that covers the ankle), Mid ( that reaches the ankle), and Low (regular sneakers that end below the ankle).

How have colorways popularized the Air Jordan 1?

The relatively simple design of the Air Jordan 1 meant that it could be applied to various materials and colors. Thus we have colorways that suit the tastes of men, women, and children. Some are quite easily available, while many Air Jordan 1 colorways are sold out the moment they are on sale. Each colorway can be worn with any casual look- they look great on an outfit for a date with friends or casual shoes to wear while traveling. There are so many colorways that making out one from the other can be confusing. 

Many of our sneaker fans have had confusion with the existing Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Royal Blue and another one that’s launching in mid-February.

Marina Blue 1 vs. Royal Blue 1: The differences

Marina Blue 1 vs. Royal Blue 1: The differences

At first glance, most people can confuse one for the other. The Royal Blue 1 (on the right) has been available for quite some time now, while you can Buy Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Dark Marina Blue or preorder it before its scheduled drop.

When seen side-by-side, you can understand the differences. Firstly, the Dark Marina Blue is shinier than the Royal Blue 1. Though the rear side of the upper looks strikingly similar, the black underlay on the toe box and the blue overlay with laces on the Dark Marina blue differentiate it from the Royal Blue 1. However, as is with every Air Jordan 1, the soles are blue with the same signature Air Jordan 1 pattern on both.

What these subtle differences actually mean

Though both shoes can be easily confused for one another, both their uses are slightly different. The shiny blue on the Dark Marina Blue 1 is perfect to wear for any casual day out with friends while the Royal Blue is designed to be worn for physical activities.


Both these versions are selling like hotcakes, availability can be limited. If you want to be the first to get the Dark Marina Blue 1, book your pair today before stocks run out. The Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue, too, is available on Sole Seriouss but with limited stock. Get your pair now or punch in your details to be notified of the same.

In the end

Just like the Marina Blue 1 and the Royal Blue 1, there are many Air Jordan colorways that you can choose from. Some are quite similar to one another, make your purchase with care.

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