Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme White: More opportunities to buy

Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme White: More opportunities to buy

Apr 27, 2022

How would you react when someone offers you rare colored diamonds at a steep discount? Anyone would buy them at the first opportunity. That’s what Nike and Supreme are offering you.

Why is buying these Nike x Supreme sneakers a hard-to-miss opportunity?

Both Nike and Supreme are elite brands. The top-selling sneakers in many categories are brands by Nike while Supreme is known for dropping products that are as precious as works of art. When both brands launch a co-branded sneaker, Supreme fans and Nike sneakerheads go to great lengths to buy these. Though Nike and Supreme did collaborate on a variety of sneakers earlier, the lesser quantities available made them the most desired sneakers for sneaker collectors. 

Those who wanted to Shop Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme White usually had to buy them from the grey market, where the prices for these sneakers were many times their original price. Now, these sneaker fans have a chance to rejoice as they can buy these kicks at multiple opportunities throughout the Spring/Summer 2022 season of Supreme.

What makes the Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme White so famous?

These are the must-haves of the Nike Air Force collection. You can pair anything with white sneakers- but these Nike x Supreme collab sneakers are in a league of their own. These snow-white sneakers come with the traditional overlays and designs typical of Nike Air Force 1s. What makes these stand out is the Supreme label on both sides at the rear near the midsole. Additionally, you get exclusive Supreme laces with these sneakers, helping you stand out from the rest.

What makes this drop unusual?

Supreme is known not to repeat dropped products. When the word came out that the Nike Air Force 1 Low is going to have multiple drops during the season, it lead to surprise amongst die-hard Supreme fans. Maybe Supreme is changing its marketing strategy, considering that half the company has now been bought by a big investment firm. Nobody knows for sure what is in store. Many are rejoicing at the fact that they can have another chance to buy Nike AF1 Low Supreme white sneakers.

Though the white AF1s are being dropped, sneakerheads are also waiting for the opportunity to buy Black and Wheat versions of the AF1 collaboration between Nike and Supreme.

What’s the best way to get these kicks?

Though Supreme has said these Nike AF1s are dropping at regular intervals, most probably these sneakers are expected to sell out instantly. Though this time they are priced at a lower level, the massive popularity of these shoes may mean they’ll end up in the grey market at higher prices.

If you want a genuine way to get these kicks, you can rely on the best online sneaker store. Here, you can buy Nike AF1 kicks easily even after the drop. Just register yourself for the sale and get an enhanced chance at buying these shoes. If you don’t have the funds right away, no problem. You can pay easily through four easy interest-free installments. Buy now before stocks run out!

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