Nike Dunk Low “Reverse Brazil”: A unique flipped design

Nike Dunk Low “Reverse Brazil”: A unique flipped design

Jan 04, 2023

How do you find newer designs that keep people hooked to your stuff? Well, Air Jordan and Nike are experts in this domain. In this New Year 2023, those intending to Buy Nike Shoes Online have something familiar to buy, though a similar colorway came up more than 20 years ago.

Nike has released a ‘Reverse Brazil’ colorway that is slated to drop anytime this month. For Nike, the Nike Dunks and Air Jordans are like brothers, both cater to the same audience yet have distinct niches. The Air Jordans are primarily a brand on their own, while the Nike Dunks supplement the demand while also having a firm fan following.

What you can expect with the Nike Dunk Low ‘Reverse Brazil’ colorway?

The Nike Dunk Low colorway, as the name implies, comes in the colors of the Brazilian flag- Green, Yellow, and White. The Swoosh and supporting overlays are in yellow, while the toe box and the main overlays are in green. The laces are flat yellow while the midsole comes in white.

Just as their predecessor ‘Brazil’ colorway which came way back in 2001, these shoes are bound to be some of the most desired shoes out there. We know of sneakerheads waiting eagerly to Buy Nike Dunk Low ‘Reverse Brazil’ shoes as soon as they drop.

How Nike manages to keep coming up with unique colorways?

For Nike, shoes like the Nike dunks are akin to a blank canvas. After all, they have to come up with newer designs and colorways, as this is the only way Nike can keep these older models relevant. This is a smart marketing tactic that has been successfully used across the fashion, and footwear niches for ages.

When it comes to design, there is practically nothing that designers cannot do. Designers at Nike come up with trending sneakers online taking inspiration from various sources. The inspiration could come from anywhere- a prevailing fashion trend, a festival, a brand, a cause, or, in this case, just a simple inversion of an existing colorway that was dropped years ago.

Nike Dunk Low “Reverse Brazil”

Where to buy these unique Nike Dunks?

Officially, these Nike dunks are scheduled to drop anytime in January. They’ll be available online and at select retail stores. As is the case with most Nike kicks, these shoes are set to vanish just as they’re dropped.

Nike fans know this, and many return empty-handed when stocks run out. Some are forced to buy from the grey market where these shoes are available at more than twice their sale prices. Despite the huge demand for these shoes, Nike always releases only a limited amount of pairs to the public.

If you are someone who is looking forward to buying any top-selling sneakers from Nike, you need not worry about stocks vanishing. There are places like the best online sneaker store where you can buy these latest shoes much later than the drop. You only need to register for the sale and you could buy any genuine Nike shoes at realistic prices.

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