Nike Dunk Shoes-What you need to know

Nike Dunk Shoes-What you need to know

Dec 03, 2021

It is every teenage sports enthusiast’s dream to own Nike shoes. These shoes are not only known for their exceptional quality but also have a cult following due to their massive brand appeal. When basketball was gaining popularity in the 1980s, it was Nike who bought about change and a new range of shoes that would help wearers perform well at the courts.

To date, Nike shoes have a popularity rating that is difficult to match. The days of standing in line outside the nearest Nike store may be over but have been replaced by stocks vanishing within seconds when launched on the best online sneaker store.

When it comes to the most popular Nike casual shoes, Nike Dunk shoes are one of everyone’s favorites. Launched at roughly the same time as Air Jordan’s, these shoes were designed to give a superior grip on the basketball courts. With time, it became a cult classic, coming in various designs, colors, and versions for men, women, and kids.

The first Nike Dunk Shoes

The Nike brand was just about ten years old when the Nike Dunk was launched in 1985. This was the time when Nike designers conceptualized shoes that married the street style with superior athletic performance. Its bold colors along with the use of innovative designs meant people longed to buy the latest shoes for themselves. Even today, limited editions of Nike dunk shoes are sold out as soon as they are launched. People look forward to Buy Nike Shoes Online for these limited edition shoes.

However, due to its similarities with Air Jordan 1s, many people do not realize which is which. Many knockoff Nike shoes also mix the features of Air Jordan’s and Dunks. There are some distinct differences between the two

Nike Dunks vs. Air Jordan 1s: The differences

There are many unscrupulous retailers who sell one for the other as most people do not know the difference between Nike Dunk shoes and Nike Air Jordans. They use many tricks of the trade to get you to buy what they want, even if they are knockoffs. The next time you want genuine Nike shoes, always choose the Best Place to Buy Nike Shoes Online.

Why the confusion?

Nike launched the Air Jordan’s merely a few months before the Nike Dunk. Unless you look closely, both these shoes may appear as different versions of the same Nike sub-brand. It is only when you look closely do you find noticeable differences.

Intended use

The Nike Dunks were advertised to collegiate basketball teams in various colors. Nike had even made a special punch line- Be True To Your School (BTTYS) for this. On the other hand, Air Jordan’s were designed for individual wear, to be worn both for play as well as daily wear. Nike used the popularity of Michael Jordan to promote the Air Jordan’s, while the Nike Dunks were purely for basketball play.


Air Jordan’s come with what they are advertised for-Air in the midsoles. The Nike dunk, on the other hand, usually does not. However, some latest Nike Dunks do come with air in their midsoles. Nike also releases many limited edition shoes under both the Air Jordan as well as the Nike Dunk brands, where the differences between the two are a little blurred. If you intend to buy Nike Dunks online, you have to do so from a reliable source that will ensure you get the right quality genuine Nike shoes.

The Ankle Straps

What makes the Nike Dunk’s different from the Air Jordan’s are the ankle straps which can be laced for extra support. In the 2000s, this was a widely popular trend which has, thankfully, gone out of fashion. The Air Jordan comes with these ankle straps sewn into the shoes. This is one thing you can look out for if you plan to Buy Sneakers Online from Nike.

Overall shoe layout

If you ask a shoe expert, he’ll know which is which by observing the shoe’s stitched panel layout. At the toe box, the Nike Dunk is roomier, while the Air Jordan is more tapered. Both the shoe’s eye stay layouts are different- the Dunk has a wavy eye stay till the ankle while the Air Jordan 1 has an additional stitched panel reinforced to the first three eyelets.

If you really want to differentiate between the two, see the back of the shoe, if there is no Wings logo, you can be sure it is a Nike Dunk; why would Nike put the Air Jordan logo on the Nike Dunk after all?

The last word

The Nike Dunk shoes have held their status as a high-performance sneaker for more than 30 years. Though Nike also has the Air Jordan’s for the same audience, these two sub-brands do not compete with each other. While Air Jordan’s are more of a fashion statement, Nike Dunk shoes are strongly geared towards optimum sports performance.

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