Nike LeBron 20 “Liverpool”: a cross-pollinated silhouette

Nike LeBron 20 “Liverpool”: a cross-pollinated silhouette - SOLE SERIOUSS

What connection can you make with LeBron James and Liverpool FC? Well, while the former is a renowned basketball player, the latter is a renowned football club almost everyone knows about. The connection here is that LeBron James owns about 2 percent of Liverpool through the Fenway Sports Group. Nike is using this development to release a new shoe to celebrate this convergence between basketball and football.

Maybe this is a way Nike wants to cross-sell its offerings. Though Nike is the world’s biggest sportswear company, they still have to do a lot to maintain this position. Most of its customers are physically active youth who always yearn for something new. When James LeBron’s investment in Liverpool FC came to light, Nike has found a way to interest its customers to Buy Trending Sneakers Online.

What to expect from the Nike LeBron 20 ‘Liverpool’?

This is an all-red shoe with a split leather upper. The Swoosh is sewn onto the upper with an overlay of snakeskin texture while also having a second black Swoosh added a little to the background for added effect. The sole is Crimson Red with a unique pattern with LeBron’s logo at the rear. Liverpool FC’s logo is just above the sole on the shoe's upper rear. Nike has taken inspiration for these shoes from the Nike Air Max 1, which is another pair of top-selling sneakers online.

Why Nike drops limited edition shoes based on certain developments?

Nike knows that it has to release shoes that its audience can relate to, otherwise the shoes wouldn’t sell for a premium. Relating footwear to a cause, development, celebrity, or anything else is a marketing tactic that brands have been using for quite some time. This helps Nike to expand its sales potential, as admirers of the other cause, development, brand, or other entity would also like to buy such limited edition shoes.

Though Nike started doing this with the Air Jordans quite some time ago, it has also started to do this with its other shoe niches too. One prime example is this Nike LeBron 20 ‘Liverpool’ which will help it ‘cross pollinate’ its offerings to those who would have otherwise opted only for basketball or football shoes.

Where and when to buy these shoes?

You could buy Nike LeBron 20 ‘Liverpool’ shoes when they drop on February 9, 2023. As always, Nike is scheduled to drop these shoes on its website and a few retail stores. Limited availability means you’ve got to buy as soon as these shoes drop, which is not possible for everyone.

When they don’t get a chance to buy these shoes, many sneaker fans end up buying these shoes from the grey market. Here, the same shoes are sold multiple times their sale price and there’s no guarantee the shoes are authentic.

There is an alternative though. At the best online sneaker store, you could buy limited edition co-branded shoes like these for a price that matches reality. Do check out Sole Seriouss today!

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