Nike Lebron 9: A New Colorway That’s Fascinated Sneakerheads

Nike Lebron 9: A New Colorway That’s Fascinated Sneakerheads

Feb 23, 2022

Nike’s basketball shoes aren’t just limited to the Air Jordans. Nike has a whole catalog of basketball shoes with various colorways, features, designs, and most importantly, signature technologies that are integrated with the shoes.

Though people instantly relate to the Air Jordans, other collabs deserve a mention. Today, we’re going to talk about the Nike LeBron 9, a basketball sneaker that has doubled as a cultural phenomenon. 

First, we must understand that besides the Air Jordans, Nike has collaborations with leading basketball stars like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, and others. It has basketball shoes for practically everybody, from casual dunkers in high schools to professional collegiate sneakers.

How Nike rules the basketball sneaker market

As far as Basketball sneakers are concerned, Nike follows one rule- launch many similar products that your competitor doesn’t know who to compete with. So much is the craze for Nike basketball shoes that when someone wants to pre-order sneakers they actually prefer to buy Nike shoes online.

ALL Nike basketball shoes are extremely popular, from the Air Jordan 1s to all the Nike basketball shoes available in the market. Though the designs are decades old, Nike rereleases new limited edition colorways that interest hardcore sneakerheads.

Nike sneakers come in so many colorways that buyers are spoilt for choice. Most are limited edition, they sell out within minutes of launch. This also means there is a billion-dollar grey market for genuine Nike sneakers.

Why are people excited about the Nike Lebron 9 ‘Big Bang’?

Nike drops various retros and colorways of popular Nike sneakers from time to time. This year, it is the Nike Lebron 9's turn to be dropped in a new colorway. Inspired by the 2012 All-Star Game city of Orlando, Florida, this colorway comes with a unique red, orange, and glow-in-the-dark outsole that will make you feel special. It also comes with a unique carbon fiber-supported design, with a midfoot shank and Kevlar threaded lacing.

Though the Nike Lebron 9 was launched ten years ago, it is only now that Nike has released a brand new colorway that is so different from the rest. With its far-reaching popularity, Nike would lose out if it didn’t drop a retroed version of the Nike Lebron 9. However, to start with, those wanting to buy Nike LeBron 9  have to register for the SNKRS App Draws, though some select retail stores will also sell them, starting February 18, 2022.

With so many colorways of almost all popular sneaker versions being dropped, it seems Nike has run out of ideas for new shoes. Though it has integrated its signature technologies in most of its retroed colorways, many sneakerheads have demanded something new, out of the box, something unique that no other sports shoes currently have.

In the end

Though Nike is still launching more colorways and retroed versions of earlier sneakers, getting hold of the colorway and retroed sneakers has always been challenging. We don’t want to brag, but many industry followers call us the Best Online Sneaker Store for a reason. If you aren’t getting the colorway of choice of your favorite Nike sneaker, do not hesitate to visit Sole Seriouss and check out our collection. We’re sure you’ll appreciate it!

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