Nike NOCTA: Can Drake’s foray into sneakers work?

Nike NOCTA: Can Drake’s foray into sneakers work?

Mar 08, 2022

Kanye’s Yeezy has got some serious competition. Kanye’s Yeezy has seen strong growth for quite some time, particularly due to his status as a co-creator to the brand. Now, it’s Canadian rapper Drake’s turn to join the co-branding bandwagon.

Drake has partnered with Nike to launch NOCTA- a sneaker and clothing brand inspired by London, Toronto, and Paris’ streetwear. To date, Nike has dropped two collections which include heat-tech hoodies, fleecy tracksuit bottoms, and logo-heavy puffer jackets. However, sneakerheads and fans are waiting for March 3rd, when Nike will drop the Nike Hot Step Air Terra NOCTA.

All about Drake

Known for his songs ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’, and ‘Find Your Love’ amongst others, Drake has been active on the hip-hop and music scene since 2010. He has also acted in a few films, most noteworthy being Charlie Bartlett and Ice Age: Continental Drift (voice role).

However, this is not the first time he’s launching these latest Nike dunks. In 2013, he launched several Air Jordans under his OVO brand, which is still quite popular in the grey market. These included Air Jordans 4,8,10 and 12 with signature Drake colorways. 

Drake’s failed association with Adidas

Adidas signed Drake in 2018. This was after his contract with the Air Jordan brand ended. Drake even started working with Kanye West on a music and apparel collaboration when someone in Adidas leaked Drake’s personal life secrets to the media. Soon after, Drake decided to support the checks over the stripes.

What you need to know about the Nike Hot Step Air Terra NOCTA

What you need to know about the Nike Hot Step Air Terra NOCTA


The name NOCTA is an abbreviation for ‘nocturnal creative process’, a sub-brand of Nike that it uses just as it is, not as ‘Nike NOCTA’ but rather just ‘NOCTA’. For Drake, NOCTA is a brand for people on the move, something that’s functional, adaptable, and comfortable for regular wear. According to him, this is a brand for those working hard on their goals; those who do not believe in shortcuts.

Drake has been teasing the launch of his maiden shoe brand for quite some time now. Besides sporting these sneakers at public appearances, Drake most famously teased these kicks in his ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ music video. What’s more, part of the video was even shot at Nike’s official headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

After much delay, Drake and Nike have finally decided to release this sneaker in March. At first glance, these sneakers look like some regular basketball shoes. It consists of a silhouette in either white or black with a paneled leather upper and an exposed Nike Air unit in its heel.

Similar to Adidas and Kanye West’s popular Yeezy shoes, this is perhaps Nike’s first foray into hip-hop and rap-themed sneakers which many sneakerheads relate to with Yeezy shoes. It seems Nike has learned its lesson- West earlier worked with Nike on his Yeezy brand, a disagreement on royalty payments led to him signing up with Adidas.

With Drake, Nike is trying to regain lost ground. It wants to sell Nike shoes for men online with NOCTA the way Yeezys sell out in seconds. Whether or not this is possible remains to be seen.

Where can you get these brand-new Nike shoes?

Though Nike is releasing a limited number of these kicks, there is a high probability that they’ll sell like hotcakes. For a chance to Buy Nike NOCTA, many die-hard sneaker fanatics use automated bots that buy the product during the drop.

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