Nike SB Dunk High Oski: How Nike is dominating the skateboard sneaker market

Nike SB Dunk High Oski: How Nike is dominating the skateboard sneaker market

Mar 30, 2022

Today, Nike SB Dunks are some of the most popular sneakers in the skateboarding world. There was a time when there were niche players in the skateboarding sneaker market- the likes of DC shoes, Etnies, Osiris, and the like. Though Nike had a presence in the industry, its market share was negligible. With the latest Nike SB Dunk High Oski, the craze for owning a pair of Nike SB dunks is so high that most skateboard sneaker fanatics have to pre-order sneakers for a chance to buy one.

The start of the skateboarding culture

The skateboarding craze started in the US in the 1980s and 1990s. At first, it was seen as a nuisance, something like a vice that had to be discouraged. With time, it became increasingly popular in the US, Europe, and eventually, the rest of the world.

By the 2000s, there were dedicated niche brands targeted towards the skateboarding community. Even though the market was small, Nike wanted a slice of it. It dropped a few shoes, which did not have the intended impact.

Nike uses its trump card

In 2001, Nike hired Sandy Bodecker as the head of its skateboarding division. When he studied the market, he realized Nike products were already popular amongst skateboarders, especially the Air Jordan 1/Nike Dunk. Besides being one of the most Trending Sneakers for Men, skateboarders found these shoes to be ideal for their use. Skateboarders found the Nike Dunk to be more affordable than niche skating shoes. They were more durable, comfortable, and most importantly, helped the skateboarders get a better grip on their skateboards.

Bodecker used this to his advantage. He convinced Nike to start from the grassroots, as against Nike’s traditional practice of trying to dominate the market. Nike did not mass produce their first Nike SB Dunks. He realized the way to conquer the market was to give skateboarders something they already used- a modified version of the Nike Dunk.

Thus the Nike SB Dunk was born. Nike added more padding to the insole while the soles were modified for better grip on the skateboard. The biggest difference was the shoe’s tongue, which had thicker padding that was common in skate shoes.

The result: An overwhelming response for the first Nike SB Dunks that launched in select stores. Launched with various colorways, these shoes flew off the shelves. 

How Nike is maintaining Nike SB’s popularity

Instead of competing with other brands, Nike started collaborating with them. The company released limited co-branded Nike SB Dunk colorways that were massively popular. One of the most popular collaborations was with skateboarding streetwear brand Supreme, where Nike used its signature swoosh label along with its famed elephant print, which was then only reserved for the Air Jordans. These turned out to become a sensation, with long lines forming at the select retailers where it was available. Post this collaboration, Nike released various colorways of the Nike SB Dunk; the latest one that sneaker fanatics are looking forward to is to Shop Nike SB Dunks High Oski, a collab with Swedish skateboarding sensation Oskar (Oski) Rozenburg. These kicks are scheduled to be dropped on March 12, 2022.

What’s different in this Nike SB Dunks High Oski colorway

Nike had first collaborated with Oski in 2019 which was a reasonable success. Now, these latest sneakers come with a shark-shaped logo in place of the Nike Swoosh. The rest of the upper more or less remains the same, with a shark head repetitive logo on the insole on a white upper. This time, Nike is not only releasing these sneakers for adults but also kids and infants. Along with this, Nike is releasing matching hoodies to go with these shoes.

How to get these kicks?

Nike is conducting an online raffle for these shoes and hoodies. With so many people registering for it, getting a hold on the sneaker of your size is slim. That’s why we suggest you buy from the Best Online Sneaker store which gives you a better chance at getting these kicks. What’s more, you also have the exclusive opportunity to pay for it in 4 interest-free easy instalments.

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