Nike SB Dunk Low St. Patrick’s Day: Why new colorways are released on festivals

Nike SB Dunk Low St. Patrick’s Day: Why new colorways are released on festivals

Mar 14, 2022

How do you celebrate your festivals? Besides catching up with friends and having a blast, it is the perfect excuse to gift something to ourselves or our near and dear ones. Festivals these days have become quite secular, where people of every religion celebrate each other’s festivals like their own.

For brands like Nike, this is an opportunity to provide you with exclusive sneakers for the holiday season. Nike regularly releases new colorways celebrating the festive season. As the demand is huge, most buyers have to pre-order sneakers for a chance to buy them. 

This March, Nike has come up with a Dunk specially designed for St Patrick’s Day, though it hasn’t given a launch day yet. We’re guessing it could be anytime now, considering St Patrick’s Day is on the 17th of March.

How Nike is celebrating St Patrick’s Day in their own way

St Patrick’s Day is a holiday brought to the States by Irish immigrants. Being the patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick was known to spread Christianity across the Emerald Isle.

Here in the US, people celebrate St Patrick’s Day by dressing in green, eating green, and is another reason to drink and dance.

Ironically, while green is synonymous with St Patrick’s Day, there are no official accounts that prove St. Patrick wore green. It is only here in the US that St Patrick’s Day is synonymous with green. Irish Americans use green on St Patrick’s Day to symbolize their Irish heritage.

Using this as the main design source, Nike has created this colorway to be one of the most Trending sneakers for men during this holiday season. It comes with green colored suede with Nike’s Swoosh symbol in a contrasting metallic gold on each side of the shoe’s uppers. To complete the St Patrick’s Day symbolism, Nike has added a white four-leaf clover logo stitched below the Swoosh just above the midsole.

How Nike gives its customers something to look forward to

Nike starts by creating a buzz amongst sneakerheads about new releases with product teasers online. That’s how sneaker fanatics are now looking forward to Shop SB Dunk Low St. Patrick’s Day. 

Nike collaborates with eminent personalities to come out with colorways that represent them. For instance, Nike collaborated with Swedish skateboarder Oski Rosenburg to create the Nike SB Dunk Oski. This colorway comes with a unique shark-shaped logo instead of the Swoosh. Nike regularly drops new limited colorways like these that are different on the outside but give the same comfort, fitting, and durability they are known for. Besides people and festivals, Nike comes out with colorways that represent certain themes too, like oriental design, graffiti, and much more. For added publicity and exclusiveness, Nike releases these colorways in limited quantities, giving their niche audience one reason to participate in their online raffles for these kicks.

In the end

Though Nike silhouettes like the Dunk and the Air Jordan 1 are more than 20 years old, Nike keeps their popularity alive with the help of celebrity-endorsed colorways. This makes the demand for all Nike silhouettes consistent in the market.

However, getting hold of a pair of retroed sneakers or kicks with new colorways is not easy. Because they sell out so quickly, you have to look elsewhere to get hold of these shoes. For many, the Best Online sneaker store is the place to get your colorway of choice before stocks vanish. Here, you have a better chance to get the sneaker of choice which isn't available elsewhere.

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