Nike Shox Ride 2: How Nike is using ‘collaboration synergies’ to bring back a forgotten technology

Nike Shox Ride 2: How Nike is using ‘collaboration synergies’ to bring back a forgotten technology

Jul 11, 2022

Do you guys remember the Nike Shox? Launched way back in the 2000s, it was every kid’s dream to own a pair of Nike Shox. Nike said these shoes help improve athletic performance, with the help of special ‘shock absorbers’ which could help you jump higher. This technology was under development for quite some time. Upon its eventual release, Nike aimed to use this technology in most of its shoes. Though it eventually did so, Nike quietly abandoned the Nike Shox technology for better-developed technology that saw immense popularity later on.

Nike’s smart strategy to bring back the Shox

Though many have long forgotten the Shox technology, Nike hasn’t. It seems they want to bring it back to the fore with a bang. Nike probably knows that it cannot perhaps reintroduce the Nike Shox without some kind of help. Thus we have the Supreme x Nike Shox Ride 2 collaboration. Nike has devised a clever marketing strategy where they are releasing as many as four colorways of the Nike Shox Ride 2 co-branded with Supreme. 

How this collab aims to benefit both brands?

As we said, Nike is literally bringing the Nike Sox back from the dead. They had literally abandoned the technology for quite some time, not releasing updated colorways or restocks of silhouettes with this technology. Nike knows that it would be very difficult to convince people to buy Nike Shox Ride 2 when there are so many newer technologies available within Nike’s fold. 

Enter Supreme. A brand known for its ‘Midas touch’. Supreme has collaborated with various brands across industries to bring out co-branded limited edition products that sell out quickly. Supreme has a wide variety of products that it drops on regular intervals- common amongst them are apparel, accessories, and shoes with like-minded brands. Some bizarre products it has dropped with collabs include Supreme Anatomy models, Poppy seeds, toothpaste, and even bricks!

Anyways, both Nike and Supreme’s customers complement each other. They are always looking out for the latest drops by both brands, they want something new all the time. With this collaboration, Nike aims to bring back the Nike Sox from the dead, while Supreme has another reason to give their fans a product that they’ll cherish forever.

When can you expect to buy Nike Shox Ride 2?

These shoes are expected to drop on June 23, 2022. Officially, you could buy them on Nike’s and Supreme’s official websites and a few retail stores, though the chances you’ll get your favorite colorway and size are slim. 

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Anyways, this smart co-branding move by both Supreme and Nike is sure to see an immense response. Both Nike sneakerheads and Supreme fans are expected to vie against each other to buy these shoes. However, you have a trump card to buy these shoes with the help of Sole Seriouss. Register now before stocks run out!

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