Nintendo Switch Lite: Built for on-the-go gaming

Nintendo Switch Lite: Built for on-the-go gaming

Dec 16, 2021

From the original Game Boy to the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo sure knows how to provide a great gaming experience. With the Nintendo Switch, it helped give a hybrid gaming experience, where you could play with the console remotely or dock and connect it to your TV for an immersive gaming experience.

Though the Nintendo Switch Lite does not hook up to your TV, it is a gaming console aimed for handheld gaming. Smaller than the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a battery life that can last you an entire commute, or on longer journeys up to 7 hours.

Anyways, let’s see what Nintendo has done to make the Nintendo Switch Lite console a true on-the-go gaming console. 


The Nintendo Switch Lite’s controls are just what you’d expect, with ease of use for all the A, B, X, and Y buttons. Its gyroscope, though the same as its cousin, was snappy and accurate when tested with games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Though this gaming console has a more compact button placement, it works the way it should.


Though this console’s display is a bit smaller, it is about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus’ screen. When tested on various games, the display was bright enough to allow for easy play. Its thinner bezels also give a great gaming experience. The touch controls too are just as what you’d expect.


Nintendo has put a lot of thought into the Nintendo Switch Lite, especially when it comes to the look, feel, and design of the console. Gaming aficionados who have written Nintendo Switch Lite Reviews found this gaming console to be better suited for remote gaming than its popular cousin, the Nintendo Switch. Its white buttons pop up well with the 4 colors, while its matte finish is smudge-prone. It seems Nintendo has targeted this console for young kids, who would find the console comfortable for smaller hands.

Battery Life

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a battery that lasts for about 3-7 hours, based on the game you play. When tested with a high-feature game, the battery lasted for almost 4 hours. This is better than its predecessor cousin, and enough to keep you entertained for any long journey.


You can play almost all the games on this console as you did on the Nintendo Switch. This includes games like Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Sword, and Shield, Celeste, Stardew Valley, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and so on.

You can play most of the games that you could play on the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. However, you would have to pair a few Joy-Con controllers to play multiplayer games such as Ring Fit Adventure, Super Mario Party, and others. Thankfully, it is quite easy to pair these Joy-Con controllers.

Price and availability

The Nintendo Switch Lite is almost 20 percent cheaper than its cousin, the Nintendo Switch. This console comes with an option of 4 colors- coral, yellow, grey, and turquoise. Nintendo has also launched limited-edition co-branded bundled versions that include Pokemon ‘Let’s go, Pikachu’ bundle, and Pokemon ‘Zacian and Zamazenta Edition consoles.

Last words

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