PC gaming or Console gaming- which to choose?

PC gaming or Console gaming- which to choose?

Dec 28, 2021

This is one conundrum every avid gamer faces. Should I assemble a gaming PC or buy a gaming console? Even though you may have used both before, choosing one over the other seems challenging. In this post, we’ll see the pros and cons of both to help you choose the right one.

The option between console gaming and PC gaming has existed ever since the rise of gaming. A console is a simple plug-and-play device that cannot be upgraded up to a point, while a gaming PC can be assembled and updated as and when you wish. For ease of understanding, we’ll compare PC gaming as a whole with gaming consoles to give you a fair idea for making an informed decision.

So, let’s get started!

Types of PCs and Consoles

PCs- When we say gaming PC, we mean ALL desktops and laptops dedicated to gaming. Though some gaming laptops are worth their weight in salt, we’ll consider all gaming PCs to be desktops for the sake of simplicity.

Gaming laptops are for those who want to have the PC gaming experience on the go. On the other hand, gaming desktops are preferred hand's down for an immersive gaming experience.

Gaming consoles-The main gaming consoles we are looking at are the Nintendo Switch (along with the Nintendo Switch Lite console), Microsoft Xbox Series X, and the Sony PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation and Xbox compete with each other when it comes to hardware power that is comparable with PC gaming. Nintendo gaming consoles are mainly known for their innovative designs and games. 

We aren’t going to compare individual consoles to gaming PCs, instead, we’ll see how gaming PCs compare with gaming consoles as a whole. 


Consoles- As against PC gaming, Consoles are more convenient and much cheaper to use. Being a plug-and-play device, you get the best gaming experience without having to set up a system dedicated to gaming. Most experts agree that a gaming console is more cost-effective than a dedicated gaming PC setup. If you take care of it, your gaming console can last for about 7-8 years without you worrying about the hardware getting outdated or the console being incompatible with your latest TV.

PC- Unlike a console, you will need to assemble a PC with a wide variety of components. Eventually, the cost of your gaming PC varies wildly. The components and peripherals you use can dictate the quality of your gaming experience. Here is how gaming PCs are categorised-

  • Entry Level- These are basic and cheap PCs that are not suited for heavy gaming. They won’t be able to support newer and more demanding games.
  • Budget- These offer reliable gaming performance at an affordable price. However, you need to keep upgrading it to ensure it is compatible with your games.
  • Mid-range- This is the most popular which offers the best cost, longevity, and performance.
  • High-end- Though they cost a lot, these are high-end PCs that offer an excellent gaming experience for all the latest AAA games.
  • Enthusiast- Gamers who want a PC for optimum gaming experience can assemble a gaming PC at an extremely high price. Very few people usually go for this, instead of buying a console is considered cheaper. Those who do are the PC gaming ‘enthusiasts’.

The best part of a gaming PC is that you can sell your old components and buy new ones in their place, ensuring the gaming system is never obsolete.

Advantages of Console gaming

Simplicity, ease in use, and affordability- Gaming consoles can be used right out of the box. A few minutes of setup is all that is needed to start gaming. You don’t need technical skills to get your gaming console running. Additionally, gaming consoles can also be used for movie streaming, TV shows streaming, and playing music. All of this for an affordable price that doesn’t involve you purchasing various components for assembling a dedicated gaming console.

No need to upgrade hardware- If you choose to Buy Microsoft Xbox Series X online or any other console, you get the latest hardware with the device. This is a one-time investment, you do not need to keep changing components as per need.

Even if your gaming console does get outdated, you can still use it to play retro games whenever needed.

Great for multiplayer games-The best part of console gaming is that you can invite friends over to play with you and add to the fun. Though this is possible with a gaming PC too, playing your games on a console gives a better experience.

Console-exclusive titles- Some games can only be played on the gaming console. For instance, if you buy Sony PlayStation 5, there are exclusive games like Marvel’s Wolverine, Demon’s Souls, and many others. Some people buy gaming consoles just to play their favorite games on them. The gaming experience on a console is unique and comes with features not available elsewhere.

Advantages of PC gaming

Customization opportunities- You can build your own gaming PC the way you want. Based on your budget, you can invest and upgrade your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Memory(RAM), and Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD).

Better visuals- With the help of your HDMI monitor and Graphics Processing Unit(GPU), you can get the most stunning resolution possible. With a gaming PC, you’re in control when it comes to the sharpness of the graphics. What’s more, you can game on multiple screens for an immersive experience.

Freedom to choose gaming peripherals- With a console, you are limited to using the gaming peripherals that come with the device. With a dedicated PC gaming station, you can use peripherals like a gaming mouse, a steering wheel for racing games, joysticks, and wireless controllers. Professional gamers who want accuracy and speed can opt for gaming PCs.

Allows you to rescript your game- A gaming PC allows you to modify the game's appearance as and when needed. In addition to this, you can download other gaming modules for an immersive experience.

Lower cost of games- Though you have to invest a lot in assembling a gaming PC, the games you want to play are cheaper than console games. You have a wide variety of games to choose from.

PC exclusive titles- Yes, some games are available exclusively for consoles. At the same time, some games are exclusive to PC gaming too. If you have a specific game to play in mind, and if the game is only available on PC, then it makes sense to buy a PC exclusive title game.

Last words

Though PC gaming has its inherent advantages, gaming on a console is much more convenient and easy to use. Here at Sole Serious, we don’t want to be known only as the Best Online Sneaker Store,  but also as the best place to get the latest gaming console whenever you need them. (We don’t intend to brag). Our aim here is to bring to you gaming consoles, accessories, and shoes that aren’t easily available online to your doorstep with minimal effort.

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