Supreme x Burberry: What to expect from this collaboration

Supreme x Burberry: What to expect from this collaboration

Apr 18, 2022

Supreme is a brand like no other. Its products are so hyped, they sell out within minutes. Its brand of loyal fans goes to any length for the latest Supreme accessories and products, even if it means paying ten times the original price for them from the grey market. 

For many, Supreme is an aspirational brand. Owning any product or accessory by Supreme raises the wearer’s status. For a brand that has streetwear as its original niche, Supreme has rocked the collaboration scene by partnering with a multitude of brands, from Louis Vuitton, Levis, Nike, Playboy, and even New York City's MTA(more on that later).

Fans are always looking forward to the latest collaborations from Supreme. Currently, the talk of the town is Supreme’s latest collaboration with Burberry, a renowned British fashion house.

What to expect from Supreme x Burberry?

Social media rumors were rife of Supreme’s collab with Burberry a few weeks ago. Those rumors turned out to be true. Both brands released teasers of the products they intended to drop. This includes men's and women’s styles in tees, denim jackets, skateboards, crusher hats, and much more.

Many of these items consist of Burberry’s signature styles, including its world-famous Burberry check designs. Those intending to Buy Supreme Clothing Online (with the Burberry collab) can buy from the official websites of both brands. 

How previous collabs have worked

Supreme has done so many collabs that it is now known more for its collabs than its original niche- streetwear. Some collabs have been long-lasting while others have been a one-off thing. Supreme has dropped collab products as varied as dog bowls to table-tennis sets to boxing gloves beside the usual Supreme headwear, Supreme bottoms, Supreme Sweatshirts, and much more. 

We can safely say that Supreme is a pioneer in the collaboration space. Some of the most notable partnerships include those of Louis Vuitton, Nike, and The North Face. You can judge each association by the immense hype it created online along with the astronomical sums some Supreme fans pay for a chance to Buy Supreme Accessories Online.

One rare item that sold included a MetroCard of New York City’s Metropolitan Transport Authority. In 2017, Supreme launched a co-branded MetroCard which became a sensation. Though these cards were worth only $5.50, there was a mad scramble for these cards, some of which ended up on eBay for as much as $150!

Another item that caused a sensation was the Supreme-Rimowa co-branded suitcase. Rimowa manufactures luggage bags for Louis Vuitton. These signature red bags with the Supreme logo embossed on them fetched thousands of dollars on the grey market when launched in 2018.

How to get your hands on the Supreme x Burberry drop?

Though most of the merchandise under this collaboration must be already sold by now, there are ways you can lay your hands on them. No, we aren’t talking about the grey market. You can get Supreme x Burberry shirts, T-shirts, and other accessories for prices that match with reality at the Best Online sneaker store.

Here, you can find rare Supreme accessories and clothes that you might not get anywhere else. Can’t pay the whole amount up front? No problem. Sole Seriouss allows you to pay in four easy installments. Hurry up and check out the collection now!

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