The best Nike sneakers you can buy in 2022

The best Nike sneakers you can buy in 2022

Dec 20, 2021

Sneakers have progressed from a simple workout shoe to the focal point of a well-dressed ensemble throughout the years. Trendsetters now wear nostalgic Chuck Taylors, athletic Air Jordan sneakers for men, and the fashion-forward Balenciaga Triple S. And, as the year 2022 approaches, the top shoe trends are a wardrobe must-have regardless of your particular style. As the majority of the workforce returns to the workplace, dress regulations aren't making the same comeback, making boosted sneakers a completely appropriate footwear choice for work if they weren't previously.

But it's not only the comfort that these shoes provide; both young sneaker designers and popular brands have introduced a new level of inventiveness to the category that can be enjoyed even if you're not a "sneakerhead." So, more than you adore your tried-and-true white shoes, it's time to become familiar with the newest styles to come into the picture this winter.

Nike Air Force

The low-top Nike Air Force 1 is among the most iconic shoes in the world, but the mid and high-top versions of the b-boy classic haven't been appreciated in years. However, recent rumors imply that Nike may be aiming to reintroduce the hi-top silhouette. Virgil Abloh is preparing an Off-White take on the Air Force 1 Mid, while Matthew M Williams' 1017 ALYX 9SM imprint recently unveiled a pair of Air Force 1 Highs. If you are a sneakerhead looking to buy Nike Air Force in your wardrobe for 2022, you can visit SoleSeriouss, one of the best online sneaker stores.

Nike Air Jordan 2

The much-maligned Air Jordan 2 hasn't been a significant part of the sneaker discourse since Bill Murray donned a pair in Space Jam, but new collaboration whispers hint it may be set to receive its moment in the sun. The style is 25 years old this year and had not been retro'd since 2016, but Virgil Abloh's Off-White and Union are both known to be working on collaboration editions of the shoe, implying that Nike may have a few scheduled releases up. These are one of the Top Selling Sneakers Online for Men.

Nike Air Max

People have previously made the argument for why the Air Max 1 is returning to the top of the sneaker tree, and given that the model was last properly exhibited by the company in the aftermath of the model's 30th-anniversary festivities back in 2017, you might argue that it's due for a further run. Throughout 2021, we've already seen a handful of high-profile collabs emerge, with both CLOT and Patta releasing revised takes on the style, and Travis Scott is said to be working on a pair as well.

Nike Foamposite

Nike's legendary ugly-chic basketball sneaker hasn't had a consistent run of launches in a while, but after an unexpected special edition in commemoration of the 2021 All-Star game, a new collaboration launch with Commes Des Garcons signals that more Foamposite releases are on the way. The Foamposite, like the Air Max 97, will turn 25 next year, and it's unlikely Nike will let such a milestone pass without some sort of celebration.

Nike Air Max 97

The Air Max 97 has seemed like it's been on the verge of a huge year for a long now, routinely making news owing to being recreated by groups like MSCHF, however with the model's 25th anniversary coming up in 2022, we're poised to see the comeback of the model's most iconic OG colorways. Nike has already begun to release some clean new colorways that stay true to the 97's stylistic look.

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