Things you didn’t know your Xbox Series X could do

Things you didn’t know your Xbox Series X could do

Jan 07, 2022

Your recently purchased Microsoft Xbox Series X doesn’t need to be only a gaming console. To put it in a better way, your Xbox Series X is an all-round entertainment console. It’s a myth that you can use your Xbox only for gaming; there is so much you can do with it besides that. In this post, we’ll see what else you can do with your Xbox Series X.

How to use your Xbox Series X to its full potential

The Series X’s non-gaming features

Catch up on the latest movies/series

You can connect your Netflix account through an app on your Xbox Series X. Xbox also supports the Microsoft Movies & TV app that lets you stream, download or purchase movies and series to your Xbox.

Chat/Video call

Though this feature was available in earlier versions too, the Xbox Series X solves a major predicament that annoyed gamers- when someone called in-between a focused gaming session.Pausing the game and attending the call was something everyone disliked. Now, you can connect with friends through chat or video calls without pausing the game. You can chat and call via Xbox’s Skype application on the console.

Connect with social media

Do you feel the urge to share your game progress on social media? With the Xbox, you can directly share your game progress to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat as and when needed. To reach a wider audience, you can use relevant hashtags to promote your post. Furthermore, you can share short clips of your gaming progress on YouTube.


The Xbox Series X allows you to browse online using a search engine app. After all, your Xbox Series X is a customized computer you use for gaming. You can catch up with friends on Facebook, see YouTube videos and do much more, most of which you could do on your laptop or desktop PC.

Listen to music

To boost concentration and add to the fun, you can listen to music while trying to complete that level you have taken so long to complete. The Xbox Series X has many apps that let you listen to music and your customized playlist whenever needed. These apps include Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.

The Series X’s gaming features

Select parts of the game you want to install

To save on memory, the Xbox allows you to install only those parts of the game that you play. For instance, if you prefer playing the multiplayer format, you can uninstall the single-player format to save on gigs. Though this feature is available only for select games, it is a step in the right direction.

Record and stream 4k gameplay at 60fps

Now, you can record and live stream your gaming progress at a steady resolution of 60 frames-per-second in 4K. This is quite better than the Xbox One which captured progress in 30fps. You can do this easily with the Xbox controllers’ Share button.

Pre-load games before you pay for them

Microsoft Xbox allows you to download any game from its library to your console. Of course, you will have to pay before you can open it. Downloading the game before purchase quickens the time you have to access the game, particularly for newly-launched games. You can now enjoy your favorite games on the day of their launch.

Send screenshots directly to your phone

Xbox is now on your phone. With the help of the Xbox smartphone app, you can capture, download, and send screenshots of your progress to your phone in a matter of seconds. Whichever screenshots are saved on your hard disk can be accessed from your phone.

Change the volume of individual gamers

When playing multiplayer, we always have that friend who speaks the loudest. Till now, the only way to deal with him was to ask him to lower his volume. Xbox now comes with a feature where you can adjust the volume of individual gamers so that their high tone doesn’t annoy you.

Control the usage with the Xbox family app

Many parents are concerned about their children’s gaming habits. With the Xbox Family App, you can control what your kids do on the console. It helps you to control who the kids play with online and how long they are allowed to play. If your parents are using this app to control your online gaming habits, it’s best for your own welfare; you’ll thank them one day.

Remap your controller buttons

On your gaming controller, there are some buttons that you use more frequently than others. The Xbox Series X helps you to change the functions of all buttons so that you can access the buttons you are most comfortable with. This helps you compete well with your friends online.

In the end

If you are planning to buy Microsoft Xbox Series X online, you now have so many other reasons to do so. As we said earlier, this is an entertainment gaming console, not just any gaming console.

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