Two 18 x Air Jordan 2 Low Making brown sneakers fashionable

Two 18 x Air Jordan 2 Low: Making brown sneakers fashionable

Oct 20, 2022

It is a known fact that all Air Jordan silhouettes are worth their weight in gold. Despite them being more than three decades old, they are still relevant as a trendy fashion accessory, while being a prized possession for sneakerheads. What makes them so? Well, Nike has been quite smart when it comes to making an old silhouette fashionable. They have created trending sneakers for men and women by coming up with new colorways and collaborations with celebrities, brands, and artists to enhance the popularity of the Air Jordans even amongst successive generations.

How the Air Jordans become fashion trendsetters

At launch, the Air Jordans were considered to be purely basketball shoes. Even if they came in various colorways, they were seen as shoes mainly worn for strenuous physical activities. This idea changed as Nike released newer colorways and collaborations over the years. If Nike had not done so, maybe the Air Jordans would not have been consistently popular. After all, Mike Jordan was a celebrity when our parents were in their 20s and 30s.

Nike managed to make the Air Jordans the top-selling sneakers with their strategic collaborations with leading brands, designers, and celebrities. For instance, Nike released the Air Jordan 2 in collaboration with designers like Nina Chanel Abney, J Balwin, Supreme, Eminem, Chicago Bulls, and many more. These collaborations have helped make the Air Jordans relevant to date. 

Each of these collaborations are marketed with the help of the celebrity and the Air Jordans' own popularity. Right now in October 2022, sneaker fans are looking forward to buy Two18 x Air Jordan 2 Low shoes. 

What makes the Two18 x Air Jordan 2 Low shoes so sought after?

These are the rare Air Jordan sneakers that come in brown overlays in various textures. The rear consists of overlays that are coarse and reptile-like while the toe box has a smooth texture. Besides this, you have brown, flat laces and insoles with the map of Detroit and the logo of the collaborator, Two18, a fashion retailer in Detroit.

Two 18 x Air Jordan 2 Low

How to buy the latest Two18 x Air Jordan 2 Low?

These shoes are expected to be dropped online on October 21, 2022. Some sneakerheads managed to buy these shoes from the Two18 retail store in Detroit, but most are waiting for these shoes to release officially through Nike.

As is with all Air Jordans, only a limited quantity of these kicks are scheduled to be dropped on the release date. For many sneaker fans looking to add to their Air Jordan 2 collection, getting these shoes could be quite a challenge.

However, this need not be the case. With the help of the best online sneaker store you actually have a better chance to buy these shoes. You can pre-book your pair now and get the first opportunity and preference to buy these rare Air Jordan 2 kicks. Besides, if you don’t have the money upfront, you could buy these kicks now and pay later. After all, when do you get a chance to buy rare and exclusive Air Jordan 2s?

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