What makes Eric Emanuel’s camouflage shorts so special?

What makes Eric Emanuel’s camouflage shorts so special?

May 04, 2022

What makes camouflage so interesting? Many animals use camouflage to hide in plain sight, to aid them to hunt, or prevent them from being hunted. During World War I, militaries realized the importance of camouflage and implemented it to protect the soldiers, equipment, planes, and even entire establishments from enemy fire.

With its usefulness, almost every military uniform contains some sort of camouflage. With time, this camouflage became so ingrained with the military that it eventually found its way into fashion. Now we find various shirts, jackets, shorts, and other apparel with ‘camo’ prints.

Eric Emanuel too knows how popular these prints can be. For those who want to Buy Eric Emanuel shorts online,  he has come up with a drop of 3 pairs of duck camo shorts.

All about this latest Eric Emanuel Duck Camo shorts drop

As it is now spring, Eric has come up with a new drop of basic shorts. Coming in different designs and color codes, these shorts come with different colored logos on the front-one each with neon, yellow, orange, and pink. 

These basic shorts are ideal for a casual weekend day out. With the summer fast approaching, these shorts are sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

What makes Eric Emanuel shorts so sought after?

Eric Emanuel found a gap in the market. While most fashion houses tended to design T-shirts, shirts, and pants, nobody gave a damn to designing a good pair of shorts. Though it took him quite a lot of time to be seen and heard, his shorts now command a premium in the market. So much, that every weekly drop of new designer shorts gets sold out almost instantly online as well as offline. Eric probably can’t scale up that quickly as he makes most of his merchandise in-house, at a location in New York.

Eric has taken steps to increase his retail footprint. He has opened another store at 91, Greene New York, but the demand and supply mismatch remains the same. Though most who want to Shop Eric Emanuel shorts online shop during the drop, many just cannot get what they want. 

Many grey marketers use automated bots to rig the system. They buy these shorts online and then sell them for a premium on grey market websites, something that has earned the ire of Eric and his team.

How to buy Eric Emanuel shorts?

There is still a way to get a pair of these coveted shorts despite the supply-demand mismatch in the market. You could find what you want at the Best online sneaker store. Here, you can get the latest designer Eric Emanuel shorts quite sometime after the official drop.

This little-known website allows you to register for the sale and make your purchase accordingly. What’s more, you can even pay in four installments, if you are ever short of cash. Why spend time waiting for the official drop when you can get the same product at roughly the same price on Sole Seriouss?

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