What Makes The Air Jordan 12 Unique?

What Makes The Air Jordan 12 Unique?

Feb 01, 2022

Each Air Jordan model tells a story of its own. Some were worn for special events, others were designed keeping Michael Jordan’s lifestyle and possessions in mind. Today, we’re going to talk about the Air Jordan 12, one of the most popular Air Jordan Sneakers for men, and how they are relevant even after almost three decades since its launch.

9 things you should know of the Air Jordan 12

Popularly known for the ‘Flu’ game

The ‘Flu game’ became one of Michael Jordan’s most famous matches. During the 1996-97 NBA season, Mike scored an incredible 38 points despite being unwell in one of the matches. This dedication to the game is what sets Michael Jordan apart from others.

Except it was something else

However, as per popular perception, it wasn’t the flu Mike was suffering from during that NBA Final against the Utah Jazz. He was suffering from a bout of food poisoning during that time. Some even speculate he was drunk. This isn’t based on anything solid though, so we can’t take it seriously.

Also worn by Jordan’s teammates

It wasn’t only Mike who chose to wear the Air Jordan 12, his teammates at the Chicago Bulls too chose to wear these shoes when Mike did.

Scottie Pippen switched to the Air Jordan 12

Michael Jordan’s long-time friend and teammate, Scottie Pippen also chose to wear the Air Jordan 12 for the remainder of the 1996-97’s NBA matches. When both Scottie and Mike wore the shoes, the popularity of these kicks skyrocketed.

Inspired by the Japanese Rising Sun flag

A source of inspiration for the Air Jordan 12 is the Japanese rising sun flag. It denotes the sun and sun rays in red and white. The Air Jordan 12’s design incorporates these sun rays into the lower part of the upper with a quilted design.

Also inspired by women’s shoes

In the 19th Century, women’s heels were low, much like how men’s formal shoes are today. The Air Jordan 12 comes with a lower heel that mirrors the women’s heels of the 19th century. 

The Signature Herringbone Pattern

The sole of the Air Jordan is inspired by the herring fish- it has a distinctive pattern of rectangles that mimics the pattern on the fish. This pattern also has a practical purpose- it provides increased traction, especially when basketball players need to run on the court quickly.

Mike gifted his pair

Mike donated the Air Jordan 12 he wore at the Flu game to a Utah Jazz ball boy. As these shoes were worn by Michael Jordan himself, it is estimated to be worth more than a hundred thousand dollars as per current market rates.

It still receives new releases

The Air Jordan 12 is still extremely popular amongst sneakerheads and budding basketball players. Air Jordan consistently drops new colorways with the new materials of these signature sneakers. Those who want to buy Air Jordan 12 online now have a variety of colorways to choose from. 

One of the latest and most popular colorways has been the Air Jordan 12 ‘Taxi’, which consists of a new mudguard made with leather snakeskin. Adjacent to this, there are quilted side panels (inspired from the Japanese flag) in white leather. Though these may be slight changes, what makes the Air Jordan 12 Taxi colorway different is the ‘Metallic Gold’ branded tab at the lower profile, the eyelets, and the Jumpman embroidery to go with it.

Final Words

Though the Air Jordan 12 Taxi looks strikingly similar to the original, these kicks are selling like hotcakes due to their slight design changes. Getting a pair can be incredibly difficult- many choose to buy from the Best Online Sneaker Store to get their hands on them.

Here at Sole Seriouss, you can choose from many colorways of the Air Jordan 12. Many of these aren’t easily available in the market, so grab your pair before they vanish!

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