What makes the Air Jordan 3 Muslin colorway special?

What makes the Air Jordan 3 Muslin colorway special?

Apr 13, 2022

The Air Jordan 3 are some of the most popular Air Jordans out there. Designed by the revolutionary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 3's USP was its revolutionary elephant print mudguards. So popular were these mudguards that most subsequent retros and colorways came with these elephant prints.

Now, Air Jordan is dropping another one of these iconic Air Jordan sneakers for men without these elephant print mudguards. The drop is scheduled for March 25th, 2022. This new design is inspired by the muslin cloth, a cotton woven cloth that was worth its weight in silk earlier.

What makes Muslin famous?

Those who are familiar with muslin have probably used it as a backing fabric or to strain impurities from a liquid. Many of us take this cloth for granted, something that is easily available at any retail store.

Before the 18th century, Muslin was a highly prized fabric. It was almost sheer but was fine, smooth, and extremely soft. Mostly manufactured in what is now Bangladesh, Muslin cloth came in various types, depending on where it was made.

Nevertheless, most muslin cloth used today is white, with a distinct color and texture that can be identified by touch. 

Muslin is also closely related to canvas, a coarse cloth used for tapestry, painting, and making shoes.

Air Jordan 3 Muslin- a perfect all-rounder

Though they haven’t been released yet, there is already a lot of hype surrounding these trending sneakers for men. Besides doing away with the Air Jordan 3’s signature elephant print, Air Jordan has come up with a silhouette that’s perfect for the summers- Off-white tone canvas uppers with overlays of grey suede at the toes and the heel.

Before this, most Air Jordan 3 colorways and silhouettes came with leather and suede uppers with the signature elephant-hide-like prints on the overlays. Though this drop would be a unique part of every Air Jordan 3 Collection, the design would remain the same, along with the red Jumpman logo at the rear and on the tongue of the shoe.

How can I get the odds in my favor?

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