What To Expect From The Latest Drop Of The Air Jordan 6 Unc?

What To Expect From The Latest Drop Of The Air Jordan 6 Unc?

May 12, 2022

It is truly fascinating how some Air Jordans remain popular more than three decades after their launch. In the age of fast fashion, where trends go as soon as they come, Air Jordan colorways are seen as a timeless classic. They are seen as an investment, with many sneakerheads having their own Air Jordan 6 Collections.

For many, owning a pair of Air Jordan kicks is the ultimate fashion goal, which they can pair with any outfit yet look amazing. So much is the craze to own Air Jordan sneakers for men that Air Jordan now releases these kicks in all sizes-from toddlers to adults.

One of the latest, most anticipated drops is of the Air Jordan 6 UNC. Releasing in all sizes, these shoes have proved to be one of the most famous Air Jordans out there, considering the way they flew off the shelves when dropped in March.

What makes the Air Jordan 6 UNC so popular?

Michael Jordan’s time at university played a key role in helping him become one of basketball’s greatest players. To pay homage to this, Air Jordan has released the Air Jordan 6 UNC. Short for University of North Carolina these shoes are some of the best out there.

Those who want to Shop Air Jordan 6 UNC do so for its great varieties in colorways. The latest drop, which comes primarily in overlays of blue and white are perfect for any occasion and for any person- you could wear them for a casual game of hoops with your friends or put them on your toddler for making a great fashion statement.

Besides the blue and white colorways, the AJ 6 UNC also comes with a transparent shoe tongue and insole. The colorway is inspired by tribal patterns, where the blue, white, and black overlays along with other design cues come together to create a colorway that’s truly phenomenal. 

How often can you expect such drops?

Well, no one can give you a definite answer to this question. Sometimes, Air Jordan and Nike re-release colorways based on public demand, while other times they release limited versions of a colorway designed by a guest designer, or taking inspiration from anything under the sun.

If you do want to know when you can get the shoes you want, the only way is to follow Air Jordan and other websites on social media and their official websites.

How to get hold of the Air Jordan 6 UNC?

For many, getting a pair of Air Jordan is a big achievement. They usually sell out as soon as they drop. Genuine buyers have to compete with opportunists who buy them to sell them later on the grey market. To achieve this, many of these opportunists use automated bots to game the drop. This leaves many genuine buyers disappointed, but it shouldn’t be always so.

There is still a way you can buy limited edition shoes like the Air Jordan 6 UNC. For this, you need to visit the Best Online sneaker store, where you can get 100 percent authentic shoes at a price that reflects reality. What’s more, if you are short of cash, you can pay in easy installments. What more do you need?

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